Eric’s Promise + Marian High School = LOVE

20 years ago. The Ripples of Eric.

When we combine our love with our faith, we are unstoppable. God orchestrates it all.

“Another View,” God keeps showing me. It is a view from Eric’s sister, being me.

My mom is always nudging and supporting me every step of the way. She has always encouraged me to Show Up publicly for Eric. I always had in my own way but God now says to me, “I am holding your hand. It is time to build, to lead, to encourage and to do so in a light that you’ve never seen before. I got you. It is time to walk.”

The View:

As my family was blinded and sinking in grief due to Eric’s death on Valentine’s Day 2002, unknown to us at the time, the Marian Community was keeping Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.” Eric was and is being kept alive through the Holy Spirit.

The sign in the above picture says, “Eric’s Promise – Bring Food, Clothing and Household Items by April 16th.” This picture was taken about a month after Eric’s death and was the marquee outside of Marian High School’s entrance. The Marian community was living and is still living Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.”

One of the ways that Eric decided to be more giving occurred the night before he died. He had cleaned his room and gathered several bags of clothes that he wanted to donate to St. Vincent de Paul Society. Dying the next day, he wasn’t able to deliver them and my mom ended up doing so. The students of Marian received the message of Eric’s heart and with the help of leadership within the school…our family was invited to a Memorial Mass shortly after Eric died. During the offertory of this Mass, the students started carrying up hundreds of bags filled with gently used items to the altar. I remember this like it was yesterday. I remember realizing that they were keeping Eric’s Promise! I just started bawling from pure joy, disbelief and grief. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

It meant that they loved my brother! That is all this big sister ever wanted for him. I wanted him to be loved, cared for, seen, respected and honored. I wanted these things as he lived here physically and my wish has always been for these same things to continue after his death. My wish came true the moment he died. For a young man who loved so greatly would never be forgotten. Not only that but he would be honored and is so.

From then on, I witnessed my mom traveling to Medjugorje later that year. She saw the Host of Jesus Christ within the sun. The Holy Trinity was calling out to her and she listened. She knew then that Eric’s Promise would continue to live on. When my mom returned home, she made the moves, the connections and reached out to all that God had guided her to do. She SHOWED UP.

20 years later, Eric’s Promise is still going strong. One amazing highlight is Marian High School spicing things up with a 5 week Acts of Kindness challenge, in remembrance of Eric.

I will be speaking to Marian on Ash Wednesday 2022 to kick off 20 years of Eric’s Promise! I won’t be filling my Mom’s shoes because God gave me my own to walk in.

Amen. So it remains, forevermore!



Eric’s Promise – “to be more giving” – Thank You.

February 13, 2022

To mark this 20 year anniversary, I invite you to renew Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.”

Here is who, what, when, where, why and how:

Let’s keep it simple.

As Eric’s sister, I humbly received the torch from my Mom, Mary Molnar, to shine bright, so here is the guiding light, sow to speak (pun intended):

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived — that is to have succeeded.

“Eric was just like any other student on Ash Wednesday (2-13-2002). He attended Mass at school that day and received ashes to his forehead. But, Eric also made a conscious decision to be more giving. It was something he decided on his own, not something I said he should do,” said Mary Molnar of her son’s special Lenten promise that year. “He was a big candy lover. He always gave up candy for Lent, so I took his Lenten promise that year to be more of a life changing effort on his part, not just something you do for Lent and forget about.” (The Vincentian Word, Winter 2005)

Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving” was then created and solidified in my Mom’s heart, as of Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2002. Now, being 20 years later, to date.

Eric Henry, 17 years old, ended up passing away the very next day, Valentine’s Day 2002, in a single car accident.

  • “Have we ever been so focused on what really matters in life and what doesn’t?” (Principal’s Corner – Joe Brettnacher – Marian High School, 2002)

  • Helping to lessen the suffering of others, through acts of kindness, is what Eric’s Promise is all about. Eric made a promise, “to be more giving” and this sacred covenant is all encompassing.

Saint Mother Teresa tells us that there are 5 sufferings: “Physical. Mental. Spiritual. Emotional. Financial.”

Timeframe: Ash Wednesday through Easter (and beyond if you feel moved to do so)

Ways to Participate: (Remember that you must be stronger than your excuses)

  • Create cards, for any time of the year, and send to any Life Center. Words of encouragement and compassion are to be included. Whether it is a quote, a drawing, uplifting photos with a short message, craft, poem, short story, letter of endearment, etc. Use your imagination. Tap into your gifts of creativity.
  • Use the power of technology by hosting a virtual music concert, focused on encouragement and compassion, for any Life Center.
  • Have a pow-wow amongst Student Council, Scout Groups, Youth Groups of all kinds, CCD classes etc. and create a class project, a school project or even a community project in how “to be more giving.”
  • Examples of Life Centers are Hospitals, Homeless Centers, Abuse Shelters, Addiction Rehabilitation Centers, Foster Homes, any Life Transitioning Center, any and all Elderly Care Centers, Prisons, Homes for the Disabled and Charities that support single mothers. The list goes on. Just pick one and GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT.

“Eric will continue to make himself known to us, for he remains “alive in Christ.”” (1 Cor 15:22; Col 3:3) (Principal’s Corner – Joe Brettnacher – Marian High School, 2002)

With Gratitude, Eric’s sister

I dedicate the Renewal of Eric’s Promise to my Faith; my Mother, Mary Molnar; The communities, near and far, that have kept his promise going…


Plan Bee – “Bridging the Gap”

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How do we bridge the gap and what does this actually mean? To me, it is about celebrating more of what we have in common rather than what separates us. It is easy to talk negative about someone or something and this is also coward like behavior. Bee Kind.

  1. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.
  2. Treat others like you want to be treated.
  3. Throw out defining someone by the way they look.
  4. Toss out the notion that people don’t change.
  5. Get rid of stereotypes.
  6. Give someone a compliment instead of judging them.
  7. There are infinite ways to climb the mountain. Your way is not “the right way.” Your way is “a way.” Really, this life is about how well you loved.

Miracle of the Sun

This painting came to me through the Grotto of Notre Dame, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Lent, Eric’s Promise and more than any human can possibly understand or even begin to explain.

What I can say is:

The recipient of this painting has this message to share:

“My husband and I felt moved to ask Melissa to paint Our Lady of Fatima with the Shepherd Children after seeing one of her Marian paintings in a friend’s home. We visited Fatima in 2016 and prayed fervently that our marriage would be blessed with a child. It was over a year later that we finally experienced the joy of a positive pregnancy test. The date was May 13, 2017. It was the centennial of Mary’s first apparition at Fatima on May 13, 1917, and it was also Mother’s Day. A sure sign, we believe, of Our Lady’s intercession.

We are so grateful to Melissa that we now have a painting for our children’s play room that invites them into a prayerful relationship with Christ, Our Lady, and the Shepherd Children. We look forward to sharing our Fatima story with our three boys as they get older, and we hope Our Lady will draw them closer to the Cross, as She has for us.

The opportunity to learn about and support Eric’s Promise was an unexpected blessing as we collaborated on this painting. Melissa’s loving devotion to Eric’s legacy is a beautiful reminder of Christ’s loving presence in our world, and we hope to grow in holiness as we strive to live out Eric’s promise “to be more giving” in our own lives!”

The request to paint this showed itself on Palm Sunday. Earlier that day I felt moved to go to the Grotto of Notre Dame to Pray to Our Lady of Fatima. Goosebumps. Our Lady was rushing into my own life, for the first time and in a big way.

This Holy Week of Lent marked 20 years for Eric’s Promise and it was my turn to step up and hit home runs and grand slams with Jesus. In doing so The Holy Spirit says, ”Bring all the gifts to the table. There is no time to waste. Let us make a feast for all to eat.”

My family roots had set the table.

Grandma, God Bless her soul, has been teaching me all about the Saints, the Rosary and sacred prayers. I have been teaching her about Saints and God’s magic too in return.

Just in time, she has introduced me to her 69 year old prayer book. You see, I have been working very hard on tapping into the Sacred Masculine of the world for years and it has finally come to fruition and full circle. Father’s day weekend even. Grandma let me blind open her prayer book. I turned to the Litany of Loretto. Little does anyone know that at the height of sacred signs before Lent 2022, the word Loretto showed itself. Right away, I knew this word was key so started to research. In part I found out that it had to do with the divine staircase that was built with no nails in Sante Fe, New Mexico. The Sisters of Loretto were praying a Novena to Saint Joseph and on the ninth and last day a mystery man carpenter came to help them connect the first floor to the choir, on the second floor of the church. The man built a Helix staircase and disappeared.

The Blood of Jesus Christ. Helix.

In Catholic tradition, June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am learning this for the first time. New eyes are sometimes the best eyes. Raw Wonder. I am infused with child like awe. Gratitude to the highest degree. Excited to see what it means for my life and everything that I am connected to. If you have studied anything on how the universe works, you’d understand that, in turn, that would mean everything. 🙏🏻

Sanctified Life

Every drop of rain contains a magnitude of change 

Every ray of sun contains a magnitude of vitality 

A book she sees, accompanied by another view  

Every sunrise contains a magnitude of new beginnings  

Every tree contains a magnitude of silent songs 

A walk she sees, accompanied by faith

Every mountain contains a magnitude of choices 

Every maze contains a magnitude of answered questions 

A trail she sees, accompanied by wisdom 

Every sunset contains a magnitude of endings  

Every flower contains a magnitude of fragility 

A quest she sees, accompanied by the circle of life 

Every web contains a magnitude of interconnections  

Every bird contains a magnitude of guidance 

A helper she sees, accompanied by surpassing space and time 

Every moment contains a magnitude of gratitude 

Every gesture contains a magnitude of kindness 

A present she sees, accompanied by purpose 

Every meeting contains a magnitude of miracles 

Every prayer contains a magnitude of magic 

A God she sees, accompanied by love

Gratitude, Melissa

Generating Energy – Pour it All Out

Stay focused. Pick the feeling of the Divine Will and pour it all out.

Believe. Pick the feeling of believing in the Divine Providence and pour it all out.

Surrender. Pick the feeling of selfless breathing and pour it all out.

Bliss. Pick the feeling of miraculous knowing and pour it all out.

Humble Observation. Pick the feeling of being God’s witness and pour it all out.

Listening to Spirit. Pick the feeling of Watching Divine Orchestration and pour it all out.

Sacrifice. Goosebumps. Pick the feeling of giving your life to the Greater Good and pour it all out.

Determination. Pick the feeling of steadfast rock and pour it all out.

Amen. So it remains.

A Broad View

Clear view

Another view

Broad View

Very soon, being that I am in the Wheel, maybe even today, the answers and logical sense will appear from a enormous classification of signs that I have put in my back pocket. Spirit is loud. Everything Holy and Divine that is. Already, starting yesterday, things have started to make sense. This wave of beauty is sure to continue without pause or rest.

Starting 1 day ago, the words Clear View showed themselves as I was starting a Physical Therapy routine. It was amazing how it unfolded. After 44 minutes of dedicating myself to physical strength, the mental strength immediately followed and carried me through a good portion of the day. I am rebuilding my temple and soon enough this physical therapy will provide a mental strength that never expires.

The words Another View showed themselves when I joined a group of women entrepreneurs for an evening last year. It came through on a pencil and I have been drawing with this pencil ever since. Ultimately, the epiphany of Jesus came through. It was paired with understanding that the only true thing I have in common with others is where our Source of light comes. Even then it’s not always the same source though but maybe it is actually and we all call it a different name. We all identify it as we see fit for our own hearts, our own minds and our own souls. Therefore, let’s all remember this when speaking to eachother about what love is. The way you love is different than the way I love and so on and so forth. There is not always a clear knowing of love and light though due to our limited perceptions of experiencing life. Some of this is due to trauma which in turns makes the blinds turn on and in full force. When the blinders are on, all we are capable of seeing is our own suffering. Therefore, once again and in other words, how other people perceive you is not your truth, it’s their truth.

The words Broad View showed themselves this morning. As I awoke early this morning, the knowing began with starting the Beach Walk journey in my town of roots. I see silence, a sunrise, the Sun King, reflections of light, waves of peace, birds singing and Nature celebrating at the pace of my every step. In other words, I am drawing closer to my Harvester aka my Creator by the second and with this as my way, the only possible and absolute outcome is The Way Maker being present. For this, I am humbled and grateful.

A light, a twinkling shimmer arose from the abyss and has placed itself right in my eyes.

Much Love. Melissa, Eric’s sister

“Be Still and Know”

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“Be Still, and Know that I am God”

Psalm 46:10

Lent 2021 was a powerful one. Lent 2022 even better but let’s circle back to how 2021 set up the foundation. Using all of my Spiritual Gifts, everyday, brought about tuning into the unknown, like nobody’s business.

This drawing here is a spin off of, “The Flame of Love.” The book was given to me and then I passed on two copies. One was placed in the community park library and one was given to someone that I met while visiting Eric’s grave.

Suffering is real and very apparent everywhere we look. Nothing and no one is exempt from it. So I ask myself daily, how can I help lessen it all and change it all to love, self worth, happiness, kindness, compassion, empathy, laughter, joy, gratitude and surrendering to the Grace of God? The answer is simple. Be one with God’s Grace.

How do we become one with God’s Grace? You may be rolling your eyes and wanting to dismiss what I am about to say but if you are here, you are meant to keep reading.

We each have something or someone in our lives that catapults us into Grace, but only if we allow it to. We just have to be willing to accept it. Everything we need in our own life is right in front of us, and inside of us. What is outside mirrors the inside, if we only have the eyes to see it, to recognize it and to embrace it. This is Universal Truth. We simply have to open the blinds within our own minds, hearts and souls. Each and every one of us, depending on the time and place we are given to live, has a responsibility to this life. Some have more than others and some maybe just a second of existence is given. Even this second has ripples. Even this one second changes destiny. Even this one second, defines your path. This second of existence can come in waves of words. What is spoken is alive. What is spoken changes time and space. It all matters.

Think about this. It took one second for Eric to lose control of his car and die. One second.

One second changes everything.

So I ask you, what are you allowing yourself to see?

What are you allowing yourself to accept?

What are you allowing yourself to be?

I have joined my brother, Eric, in his Promise. This is what I have allowed this one second to become. This is what this one second will always be. Although tragic, it is purely God’s Grace. Tap into the Sacred with that one second in your own life. Grow it into something of love, of grace, of kindness and of purpose. You owe it to yourself and those that have come before us and those that will live after us. We are each paving a path for something. Let it be Light.

Amen. So it remains, forevermore.

Eric’s sister, Melissa

“What Guides You”

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It may be Spring 2022 but my Spirit is all about Change, new beginnings.

The Nature of Life, is it opposites attract?

Is it the Law of Attraction? You are what you seek and what you are seeks you?

What if you are constantly evolving and you simply meet what helps you evolve?

What if you were born to be stagnant and you simply fall into meeting people that keep you there?

For anyone to speak of life in such black and white terms is an insult to the kaleidoscope of it all.

From what I see, it depends on your path. Some of us are here for a day, an hour and some never make it out of the womb. Some of us are here for 90 years, 50 years or 17 years.

Are we all predestined to live out a life as directed by a higher power? Are we thrown into a seed and it is all just chance from there? Where did the seed come from? What created the seed? What created what created the seed? On and on and on it goes.

Can the origin of anything really be traced? Absolutely not.

I can, without a doubt, speak in terms of what my instincts say in a particular moment but anything outside of that is a free for all.

I used to be free but that was before I said, “God I am all yours. Do as you please.” Paradoxically, saying that gave me freedom. How many of us actually say that? Most prayers or life requests are asking for what we want or need instead of just surrendering to a higher plan or design of life. I am all about surrender. Only then do I feel bliss, love and a never ending gratitude for breathing.

I do feel guided in such a way that my free will is actually divine orchestration. Our minds are puppets, I am tellin ya. It is either one force or the other. What guides you, fear or love?

Much Love, Melissa

“Nothing is What it Seems”

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Wiping away the darkness by a simple motion of energy.

Knowing Spirit enters the minds and quickly provides an ease, seemingly out of nowhere.

Tapping into all that is Sacred.

Living Water pouring out from my cells.

Dripping onto the pavement for all of Nature to partake in.

Gifts of Sight.

Nothing is what it seems.

Riding the waves of understanding.

Splashing the shores of brilliance.

Shining glimpses of walking on water.

Boundless in miracles.

The human condition is at most times stuck in a reality that is at a low grade frequency. People see the mundane as, well, mundane.

It is far from it. Far, far, from it.

God speaks to us through absolutely everything. Absolutely. Everything. Everyone. Truly Everywhere. We are taught growing up that God is everywhere and knows everything etc. but until you actually breathe one with the Spirit, you have no idea what this actually means.

Take it all to the metaphor. Tap. Tap.

Listen to what is really being said and conveyed. There is always an underlying meaning to everything. For we operate on this Earth as vessels for something beyond definitions, beyond science and beyond perspectives that humans harvest.

When Eric died in 2002, I remember very clearly, riding in a car with friends. Glazed over by the meaningless chatter amongst them, the thought, “I know nothing” saturated every fiber of me.

The only thing I care about is this:

How can we help others without spending money?

This is my challenge to you as the reader and to me as the writer.

We use our Spiritual Gifts and if there is a will, there is a way. God is the Way Maker. Just believe. Create. Listen. Act upon the nudges. Period.

Let’s get to work!

Amen. So it is.

Love, Melissa

“The Branches of Life”

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1 Corinthians, 1:4 and 5 – I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way – with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge.

When you’d rather grab something new instead of finishing what you have started, the feeling of doubt tricks you to believe that something new is more exciting, liberating and The Truth.

That is until you realize Awareness has won. You see yourself as God sees you and once again, pick up where you left off.

An Epic journey of Divine Acts catapulting into nothingness only to be transformed into asteroids of blessings.

Gifts of Divine strings tangled in grief mastering the flight of acceptance.

A well drawn out plan to conquer sin.

A fallen soldier.

A servant to humanity.

The cross covers the moon shadows.




Words no one has seen or heard before.

A resilience of music filled clarity reading and reaching all depths, the very core of existence.

The misunderstood become the leaders of a blood drenched past driven society, melting like an iceberg of thunder.

Pounding down and flooding every soul.

Reigniting the Blind.

No substance needed for a heart that knows itself.

For only the lost mistake fruit for poison and poison for fruit.

Takes one to know one.

Been there, am there and rising to its chorus, another well drawn out plan.

Over and over and over, the red-winged black bird screams of alertness, magic and changing of hearts, minds and souls into peaceful qualms of nature filled understanding.

Epic motivation ensues the rich melody of speeches.

Shielding the weak.

Surrounding them in favor.

Guidance of every constellation, every verse, every chorus, combined into one.

One harmonic light ignited from a source that only can be felt and never seen.

Love, Melissa