“Love and Trust”

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This place is a Sanctuary for all things Sacred related to Faith, Family, Friends, Forgiveness, Freedom, Fortitude and the Highest of Frequencies.

People are always impacting us, every moment of everyday. What are you letting yourself be impacted by? Are you playing a victim role because it is easier than living the life that you are called to live? I have caught myself doing this from time to time. My brother Eric’s death has taught me this about ourselves. We tend to use the most obvious excuse to dismiss our responsibility of life.

What can you do to Love and Trust your Responsibility in this life? You can take solid action every moment of everyday. This starts with the thoughts and feelings we allow to mold us. Put on a high vibin channel of music. That is an easy way to focus your thoughts and feelings on something positive. Read an uplifting book. Enjoy a walk with Nature. Align your energy to a podcast on love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, empathy, courage, strength, faith or determination.

Once you have yourself aligned with a high frequency of the above, create. Believe in your magic. Believe that what you create will hold the space. Believe that what you create tunes the air into Jesus Christ himself! It is true. Time and time again, the power of prayer has shown me the secret to living in Harmony with my calling and utmost morals and beliefs.

I wouldn’t call myself religious but there is indeed some amazing truth out there for you to hold onto and create with. Go for it! Sift out the false teachings and follow your heart! Believe that when you are rooted in love, God aka the Universe, wins in you and all around you. Create a ripple effect of Love and Trust.


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