“Bee a Light”

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Friendship. What does Saint Ambrose say about this special soul bond? Let’s find out. He is one of my guides, if you will. When I was in the middle of the wilderness of Colorado mountains, I chose a number to represent my heart. This was years ago and this number didn’t present a meaning until I arrived home again, a few years after. The number is 721.

Sometimes song lyrics come to us seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes even a name comes to mind seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes a jingle to an old commercial from childhood or even before we were born comes to us seemingly out of nowhere.

What does this mean and why do I bother to tell you?

The same reason why 721 showed up that day in the wilderness. This is why I tell you: These thoughts do come from somewhere. They are whispers of your heart path. Those that actively seek this path come to understand what I am saying. Many people call this a Spiritual Life. I don’t call it that. I don’t call it one of religion either. It is simply your path. It is amazing. A true heart path coincides with compassion, with empathy, with understanding, with knowing, with serving others and with piecing together the seemingly unseen to what some may call coincidences.

Let me tell you a piece of my heart to help you understand. Saint Ambrose is someone that was never taught to me. I never studied Saints. In fact, the way Religion was taught to me as I grew up was despicable. They taught that animals didn’t have souls. Really?? How inhumane can you be? How off base can you be and still be recognized as teaching Truth? This is one example of why Religion is not Truth. Love is Truth. What your heart sees without all of the noise, from what exists and has existed before us is Truth.

When you don’t rely on anyone but yourself and your gifts, then you start to see what is really True. You start to see what is Pure. You start to feel bliss for breathing. You can hear through all of the noise. You can see through all of the false teachings. You can be free. Free from a prison built around you and taught to you and taught to many for centuries before us.

This is a time to claim a rebirth of love, of mercy and of grace. How do you do this? You sit in silence until you hear how. This can be a form or praying or meditation. It is that simple. Use creative outlets to speak what you hear. This helps bring further clarity to your heart path. Choose to confide in the most Sacred of Souls. No one else. This is a vulnerable time for you in this exploration and before you speak of it to the world, you must grow in complete understanding and strength in your own personal Truth. Know who you are so the opinions of others fly right passed you.

Saint Ambrose is the Patron Saint of Beekeepers. My name means “bee.” His Feast Day is December 7th. 721 backwards. Spirit speaks to us in patterns, frequencies and interconnections of all kinds. It is quite a web. Choose love for your web. Choose kindness for your web. Choose service to others for your web. When you do this, the Universe aka God orchestrates such beautiful happenings for you, beyond comprehension. By the end of the day, you won’t be able to explain these happenings to anyone but your heart will know and that is all that matters.

Amen. So it is.

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