“Renewal of The Sacred”

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We all have our own personal Truth. I am going to keep reminding everyone of this. You have a choice on what you feed your soul. If you do not agree with the Power of the Holy Rosary, either stay to learn or move on to another way up the Mountain.

If you have a Gift of Prophecy, Listen Up. If you carry a Gift of Healing, Listen Up. If you carry any gifts of the Holy Spirit…Stay.

Four (4) times within twelve (12) days, the message of Love within Prophecy is showing itself.

In a time of war, we have two choices. We either choose to love or we choose to hate. The Hand of God is not light. They say it is like a hammer. I find this to be true. Watch your step. God is in charge. We all see what we need to see when we need to see it. Not a minute too soon and not a minute too late. Everything is coming to light. Everything is being fixed. God is not using war to do this either. No. God is using Mercy. God is using Forgiveness. Grace, like the strongest wind is coming into every home, every soul and you will be moved. Falling to your knees, as the blinds can not be closed any longer.

You will see your humility casting down on the floor in a puddle for you to admire the reflection of. Know this: God is nothing to fear. God loves. For all those that teach God is to fear, this is merely a control tactic. I do not need to instill fear in anyone nor do I feel a need to control anyone. The Holy Spirit takes care of that. We, as Teachers, are called to TEACH LOVE not FEAR.

Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know.”

Amen. So it is.

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