“The Truth is Saint Joseph”

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You Are Worthy! Let’s Dance to Love.

Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving,” is about coming up with your own Promise to the World. I promise to Love with my Spiritual Gifts. Here it begins.

Woe to the woman or man that idolizes anything other than their own heart.

The Foundation for all Breath of Life is, “Who do you Trust?”

How do we heal betrayal? Simply stated, we must choose to forgive with every breath. Follow this up with Divine Wisdom and Divine Action.

Every thought, action, feeling, emotion and so on and so forth stems from what we believe. We must encourage others and ourselves, straight away, that the power is within us. Encouragement stems from believing that the person we are helping has the know-how to work through their own distained terrain.

Today is the opportunity for a better life. Right here. Right now.

Let me tell you a story of how God aka the Universe aka The Cosmos works through us once we decide that Love is our Birth-rite.

The Law of Water. You might say and think many things when you read this but ultimately, the Law of Water dictates our soul’s journey in emotions. When we decide that Love is what governs our life, the Universe aka God starts playing a sweet symphony in your daily life. Everything you touch. Everything you see. Everywhere you go. Everyone you meet. God shows you your deepest wounds through all of these things BUT then God also shows you how to mend them.

I was drinking water one day when I noticed that the water spigot was broke. The maintenance man was called in. I happened to be in the kitchen we he came to fix the flow of water and we just started talking heart matters. He brought up the Emotion Code. We then exchanged phone numbers and arranged a day to trade our Spiritual Gifts.

We met in a park at my direction. I brought my paints, utensils and canvas. He brought the Emotion Code. We started painting at separate picnic tables when all of a sudden a Father and Daughter, about age 7, joined us. They too went off to their own picnic table and started painting. Out in the distance was live music. Like a bolt out of the blue, I noticed that the father and child were a direct mirror of me and my Father. As I noticed this, the live music began to play, “The Heart of the Matter” by Don Henley. Immediately, me and the Emotion Code man locked eyes with Understanding of why we met and traded gifts.

The lyrics proceeded to say, “I am learning to live without you now…I have been trying to get down to the heart of the matter…and I think it is about Forgiveness…even if you don’t love me anymore…We all need a little tenderness…Forgiveness. Forgiveness.”

The Father figure that day painted a band of musicians and a tornado of pink. He explained that his wife’s energy was interfering with his creativity. To me, he painted “his music of life.” The little girl painted a yin/yang sign and a sunset. Two very important paintings by this 7 year old child. The yin/yang is my path on the Tree of Life.

This Path connects Beauty to Foundation. My job is then to be a prop for others, to help people change (sunset) to see their Divine Connection to all of Life, simply by showing up.

The Truth is Saint Joseph. Mercy is my weapon. Forgiveness is my Paintbrush. Glory to God.

Amen. So it is.

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