“Let Love Be Easy”

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When I first started writing and really purging everything that I felt love was, starting about 9 years ago, I enjoyed a beer while doing it or a glass of wine. Liquid courage is the real deal. It takes courage to express love. Why does it have to be hard to express love?

Let Love Be Easy.

First I had to forgive myself and take responsibility for any actions or thoughts that were not centered in love. Once I studied myself, I was able to understand others. You will read this ideology in many teachings. True wisdom is knowing yourself. Not only is this important for you to fulfill your destiny but True Wisdom is a way of existing.

We try to take one quote and apply it to everything but a quote is only a piece to the pie. A quote sums up a snipit but you need to know what the snipit is!

There are infinite ways to apply words, perspectives and understandings. How do we find the bridge? The less we talk the better. The more we just are together the better.

I went to Peru, South America in 2014 to honor my brother Eric. I left on Valentine’s Day and it was a 2 week mission trip. Little did I know that this mission would be a compass and guide for the rest of my life. I continuously refer to my time there and it was only two weeks! I imagine if I go anywhere out of the country for even that long that it would do the same. Traveling abroad is quite the Teacher.

When I visited a village there, I did not speak Spanish at the time. My main way of communication with the children there was body language. We understood eachother.

Simply stated. God Bless.

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