“A Lucky Charm – Divine Will”

This one is full of paradoxical advantages. The day of Eric’s viewing, a ladybug landed on someone’s shoulder. Not just anyone’s shoulder but the mother of my God-daughter. From then on my entire family adopted the ladybug as a sign from Eric. Rest assured, this is truth. The timing of the ladybug’s arrival, all throughout the last 20 years, has proved to be tried and true.

God uses all things to bring about Hope and signs of our loved ones. This is not exactly the turn I wanted to take with this piece but that is where my hands are going.

So, let’s do it. What sign do you have for your loved one that has passed on?

Cardinals, ahh, I see where this is going now. The Renewal. Last year, the Cardinal was calling me over and over and over again. I was confused because I didn’t know why I would be feeling Eric as a cardinal when he had always been a ladybug but I knew it was him. Come Valentine’s Day 2021, the anniversary of Eric’s death, I ended up painting a cardinal to honor this bond and what he was telling me. I also painted about leaning into Strength. How else do you renew a gift that the Holy Spirit has given the community? Trust. Love. Strength. Simplicity. These things count for every cent.

Back to the cardinal. I decided to walk my parents dog during this painting and low and behold I saw my first cardinal of the year. On Valentine’s Day. His anniversary. I was ecstatic. Not only was I feeling the cardinal love but as I was leaving my parents, after spending the whole day there, I fell to the ground in grief. I had held it in all day so I just started crying and crying and professing my grief aloud to my mom, when all of a sudden, my music turned on by itself. Spirit was making itself known. Eric was making himself known. I pushed stop and continued to speak to my Mom. A few moments later my step-dad walked in the door and I began to profess my love for Spirit and how it turned my music on. As I spoke of this, it came on again.

I always look forward to these days where I know Eric will be yelling at me through all things. I appreciate him showing up. Speaking of, last night he came to my dreams. As you can see, this piece is about the ladybug. He came to me in all forms of beetles last night. Then I found this today after remembering my dream:

“The Beetle totem animal symbolizes light, renewals, self-preservation, and resurrection.”

I have been calling this 20th year of Eric’s Promise, The Renewal. Looks like he approves.

Life doesn’t end after death. Remember this.

God Bless. Atman.

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