“Rising in Love”

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If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Ask me this question any day before this very moment and I would’ve picked a town, village, state, country etc. outside of where I am. Today, the answer is nowhere but here. You know why? I am finally rooting myself in love. Writing. It fills me with a blissful giggle. How did I get here? It has been decades in the making.

When we want to travel, to me, it is because we want to see something that we can not find inside of ourselves. I remember the moment in Yosemite Valley that changed my life. It was 2008ish, was with my soulmate at the time, yet felt a deep lack of love in my life. We were driving and could almost touch the granite walls from inside the car. All of a sudden, an enormous sense of wonder and awe swept itself inside of my soul. I knew then, in that moment, what it really meant to be alive.

Ever since then, I had been chasing that feeling, until recently. No chasing needed. I remember another time when I was walking a nature path at a local park and the spark of a butterfly flew passed me. I immediately wanted to chase it but then something said, “No. Stay. Enjoy the beauty of the flight.”

Afterall, traveling within it quite the Journey and Teacher. We can fly to the greatest of heights once we find the love of what is outside, on the inside. It starts with being honest about how we feel. A man once said to me, “Are you in love with this soulmate?” Initially, I said what any woman would say. “Of course. Yes.” We kept talking and the man said to me once again, “Are you in love with this man?” The power is in the timing of the question. It wasn’t until I was able to Trust the moment that I was able to be honest. The answer was then, “No.”

You see, my brother Eric had died. This man was able to show me signs of him living after death. Things that only I knew. So, in this moment, I knew that it wasn’t the man asking me about love, it was my brother.

What do we do once we have found all of the things? We create. Remember, your impact is powerful so choose love. How do we get to love? That is the Power of the Why. There are infinite ways to get to love. I imagine, after reading this, things will become much easier. Love will be easier.

Much Love.

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