“Rising in Trust”

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Several years ago, a man once said to me, “Love is not enough.” It has taken me 9 years to understand what this statement really means.

I have discovered this: Without Trust, Love is fleeting. Just like any other emotion. Trust is the foundation of anything. Think about it. When you decide to do something and you believe with every ounce of your soul that it is the right thing to do, to think and to feel, the inertia, with any of these aspects of life, is propelled forward like a mighty windstorm. You become the storm. Not a storm in the fearful sense but a storm of Light.

If we have the slightest doubt in any thought, feeling or action, the outcome is always less effective.

We must not only root ourselves in love but we need to Trust our Light. We need to Trust our Magic. Do you even know what it means to change the trajectory of space and time with your light?? It is quite easy once you have firmly planted yourself in your Spiritual Gifts. If you know you are to serve humanity, then accept it, own it and claim it with every fiber. This, my friends, is the ability to change space and time with Light. The Universe orchestrates all things, aligns all things and moves everything to occur at the exact point in time that it chooses to. All you have to do is say, “God. I am all yours. Show me what to feel, what to think, what to say, what to do…and my favorite…God. Show me who, what, when, where and how.”

We have already established the Why. Just a reminder, the Why is Love.

Trust in Your Light.

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