“Synergy – Love Quantum”

Copyright by the owner of this site.

Tried and trusted. Synergy to the highest degree. Love, light and words beyond these measures but aligned with the same. Mirrors of kindness at every turn. Giving and receiving balanced in all directions. A compass that governs all things. People arriving to new destinies at every breath. A wish. A truth. A compilation of all music notes ringing and swinging from our hearts.

Gladness fills the air. Joy takes over. We can not help but dance. Keeping eachother’s fires lit. All storms are stilled to narrow arrows pointed and targeted at the sun. Nailing every release. Out comes the bright glow of angels sounding trumpets not for war but as a sign of sweet victory for peace.

Sirens become bells of people coming together to share food, medicine, water and shelter. Everyone joins hands to unite in glory of knowing what it means to breathe. Tears sway and slow through the air, turning into bubbles that children pop with laughter. A sure sign of bliss, love.

Laughter upon laughter, filling every crack, lining every mind with golden thoughts of purity.

We re-write our times by rising above them.

We re-write our times by sinking into compassion.

We re-write our times with new understanding.

We re-write our times with new energistic skills.

We become the best of what we are born to be.

We become a partner with calm.

We become the Quantum of Love.

So it is.

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