“Above it All”

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Being born in the Western world but embracing Eastern world teachings, I have become a blend of both philosophies, when it comes to Elements. Bridging it all is the way to go. Not one is wrong and not one is right. They are equally valuable in learning the ways of navigation.

When the wind blows your way, be sure you are ready. In fact, if you have leveled up, it will surely show itself soon. The wind is a very particular element that I like to play and work with. I was born into Fire with Water hands and am planted in Metal. That leaves the Earth, Wood and Air/Wind to work with.

Earth is pretty obvious to everyone so let’s skip that and go to wood and wind.

Wood. This one has been calling me for quite some time, as I have been working with the wind. It reminds me of Saint Bernard. He is the patron saint of hiking, nature adventures etc. This Saint says, as you work with the wind, remember it is ever so important to stay close to Nature. In doing so, the Holy Spirit aka Wind will work for you and you’ll be grounded to witness it all.

Last night was a test of a very strong wind but it was also a way for another Saint friend of mine to assist. Saint Clare to be exact. She has been with me since Summer 2020. When searching for my vocation, she showed herself and taught me how to run this marathon.

Speaking of running this marathon, another teacher of mind/mine, a human being that is alive here today, also was a beautiful mirror to the Power of the Sun in me. When you are working the wind, the sun is also your best friend. Just because you see the moon doesn’t mean you need to call it out by name. You simply continue to shine.

The Simple Path. Shine On.


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