“Not a Sellout. Authenticity Strikes.”

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Authenticity. Yeah. You know the word. Do you know what it means when it comes to honoring a loved one though? I do.

There was an opportunity that showed itself that would have given Eric the lime-light again but I know Eric doesn’t appreciate that kinda shine. He prefers the Down to Earth, one on one kinda shine. The true. The pure exchanges. The ones that change you from the inside out. The ones that make you feel heard, loved and worth breathing.

There are people, in all walks of life, that will always try to take what is divine from you. An older teacher of mine/mind comes up as I write this. She once said, “Build what is you.”

I have never forgotten what she taught me and have been utilizing everything and I mean everything. Not by choice either. What I mean is, I involuntarily went through what I call, “Sight School.”

Sight School is where you learn how to see through everyone and everything. After you graduate, fear gets held back and you keep moving ahead of it all. Nature gives you a heads up about everyone and everything. Gives you prompts too, about what you need to know for the past, current and upcoming events. The Encore is here and some say it is never-ending. Trust Your Spirit, I hear. Do you, I hear. I am the star. The background is covered with black and white swans. The lights are angels shining down from the heavens. The costumes are truth, integrity and love. The other characters are strictly hand-picked by God aka the Universe. Nothing is a surprise yet everything is a surprise.

In this show, not even the slightest tic gets by. Don’t think twice about people who don’t feel genuine. If they don’t feel genuine then they aren’t. MOVE on.

In the underlying plot, a hard and fast rule is discernment.

The overlying plot, paradox looking adventures dwell on everyone’s heart. If you are well versed in Alchemy, what does it matter? Well, this is where the paradox comes in. It does matter. Every single thing matters. What you focus on grows. The more you focus on your birth-rite the stronger it grows. The less distractions appear and the less b.s. comes along the path.

Get to work. Use your gifts. Shine bright.

Authentic love. That is all I have room for. Excuse me, God is moving you out of the way.

Leading it all with the Rosary, the Saints, the Holy Spirit and Good ol God. With and through God, all things are possible.

So it is.

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