“As the Eagle Flies”

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You can’t write about something or teach something or even talk about something until you have lived it. Period. Even then, you better use wisdom to convey anything about it.

Out of all the paintings that I have done throughout the years, easily over 200, this one I kept. I have lined it with ladybug stickers too. My last move, being the 6th in 5 years, I had tossed away most possessions. Moving only with what could fit in my car.

Travel light is the theme. Gotta travel light so the flight remains high, like an eagle.

The title of this painting is Strength and for good reason. Facing the unknown and always piercing the veil requires the strength of an eagle. While living this way, I have discovered the only means of truly being able to navigate unscathed. The Rosary.

My Grandma’s wishes were for me to have her rosary. Why me? I suppose in telling her all of my life stories that this moved her to do so. She could hardly speak today. Grief and sorrow were destroying her Spirit.

Finally, after jumping through many loops and shredding all obstacles for 23 years, I brought her the rosary that she had prayed on for decades along with a rosary gifted to me by my Mother, from Ireland. I led the rosary for us today, for the first time ever and in the 3rd decade her voice was strong and her Spirit soared.

Later in our visit, I asked her if she had ever seen an eagle. She said no.

As I write this now and reminisce on the Rise within her today, truly an Eagle paid her a visit.

It takes Strength to Surrender to God. It takes courage to give your life to prayer but when you do, with your whole heart, miracles happen.

Amen. So it remains.

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