“Victory is Wisdom in Love”

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Victory is Wisdom in Love.

There is Love like the commercialized kinda love, like the kind that Society shoves down your throat and then there is WISE LOVE.

Not many people know the Wisdom of Love but that is about to change starting now.

From Bars to Churches, my journals are full of writings that only the trails of a Willow Tree could bring.

Here are some sweet excerpts from the greatest depths of my heart.

“Gather. Learn. Grow.”

“Let each touch be what it wants to be.”

“All I know is change. I feel myself take shape again. Sober living. Strongest creator. Purest creator.”

“Net-working with Spirit.”

“The energy you give and live in and embrace and resonate in…is just as important, if not more than your words. Energy speaks.”

“Surrender to the Flow of Strength.”

“Let Fierce Love Guide You.”

“What is keeping you from being passionate? Is it societal expectations? Is it shame? Some sort of illusionary story that you are holding onto? My story is one of Resurgence. Resurgence coupled with Vitality. Once we purge what is in our minds, we create space to be true. So I ask you friends, what clouds your mind, your thoughts? What patterns do you suppress? What patterns do you ignore? How can we make more room for passion?

We can believe that we are worthy of feeling the joy of passion. We can believe that we owe it to ourselves to live with passion. We can believe that we are beautiful and loving and amazing creatures!! We can shout from the rooftops that we deserve to Love and we deserve to be Loved! We can believe that our thoughts matter! We can believe that our feelings matter! We count! We are alive! We deserve to join this world and create with BEAUTY! We deserve to live in Harmony with the Universe! We deserve to be heard! We deserve to give ourselves permission to BE PASSIONATE! We are Wisdom in Love.”

Amen. So it remains. Victory is Wisdom in Love.

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