“Blessings in Disguise”

Copyright by the owner of this site.

Most anyone has hopefully heard the saying, “it is a blessing in disguise.”

If not, now is the time to tune in. Play it loud and proud. Swing it around like a fancy choreographed dance. It is a blaring sound in my world. All I see is silver lining. I went to bootcamp for it ever since I was little. You can definitely consider me to be a Commander in Chief concerning these blessings. Being able to define them and identify them is a trait that not many carry. Some might say, its a gift. It is a gift to be able to see Light where there appears to be complete darkness.

Maybe this is the sight of every Alchemist. I imagine so. We have the ability to see how things really are but then we can change it all to match the silver bells ringing in our hearts.

I have been called to start a 13 day Novena to Saint Lucy starting today. May she show the world silver lining. May the world act in accordance with what Saint Lucy has come here to do, through the Divine Mercy of God.

Amen. So it remains.

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