“A Place to Breathe”

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Nature. A sure way to safety, to clarity and to gratitude.

When living in Colorado, a place that some refer to as “God’s Country,” most people stayed inside. They never even ventured out to the mountains, that were strikingly apparent as you walk out the door and turn your gaze West. Even in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, people went about their day like Mountains were not right in front of them. How could this be? I asked myself this every single day. How could people ignore, dismiss and completely disregard such Beauty right in front of them?

This doesn’t happen just with mountains. It happens with everything. Life, in all its glory, is ignored. People refuse to see the miracles that are them. People forget that we live on a planet suspended in space. People ignore Beauty. How can this be? Is it pain that keeps people blind? It must be. For all I know, when truth started to become a priority in life, everything was seen with new eyes.

Every bird was noticed.

All voices were heard.

Every song was celebrated.

All people were appreciated.

Laying on the grass became Heaven on Earth.

Painting became a Haven of Understanding.

Traveling became a Vessel for Knowing.

Dancing became Easy.

I keep hearing, “Just Show Up.” So here I am, hoping that one word or one phrase read here strikes you. May it strike you to be so honest with who you are that you wouldn’t dare return to your old self.

Life is about seeing through your own excuses not to live. It is about breaking through all limited perceptions, even your own, to bring about a love that has never existed.

One day it just clicks. You do you and realize, without a doubt, that it is enough.

The eyes of your heart win the race over the mind. You become true to who you are.

Seal it all in Harmony.

Amen. So it remains forevermore.

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