“As I Gaze Upon You – Make a Wish”

As I gaze upon the storm inside of me, I am routinely quieting it, hugging it and not leaving it to tend alone. We have to face the storms within us so we can then turn to the Eye and say, “I Am Not You.” I see you in an astounding reflection but I Am Not You.

I am wiser than you, storm.

I am kinder than you, storm.

I am bolder than you, storm.

I relish in the fact that I know pure love, storm.

My determination for a true heart prevails any storm.

My truth carries a wind of change to any storm.

My passion to live rightly rises above any storm.

My love for life surpasses any drought and any thirst.

My compassionate heart withstands all lies whispered in my ears.

If the storm refuses to hear me then I become one with it. I don’t ignore it but rather respect it. In my own time, lessons have come knocking and when I open the door to greet them, I simply say, “I Am The Eye. Come on in.”

So it remains forevermore.

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