“Harvesting Miracles”

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What does it take to Harvest Miracles?

When we think things have ended, we must remind ourselves, “When you are in the Will of God, you cannot be blocked, hindered, destroyed or stopped – every attempt will only work in your favor.” 

Novenas dedicated to a specific purpose always prevail in my life. I started to really understand their power in October 2021. The Novena then was for the ”Right to Life.” Never in all my days was I moved in such a way but God tells me now, to get used to moving like this, as it is my new normal.

So it goes: Current Novena is with Saint Lucy. She helps us see. When we pair a Novena with our Spiritual gifts, we set the world on fire, in the best sense possible. We set it on fire with Love.

I was in the middle of the rosary this morning when the Universe blasted my world. Left, right and all around, messages came in. Crows were cawing and the Earth was shaking.

Know who you are in Christ. There is no other way to navigate such distaste in a violation of everything Sacred.

Next, use it all for re-direction. Place it all out on the table and then drop the mic. Let Spirit speak from that point on. Simply stated.

Wisdom is your right hand. Understanding is your left hand. The center of it all is knowing your heart and stating your claim. Period.

Fire. Water.

Never mess with a woman who lives within the Spirit.

Amen. So it remains, forevermore.

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