“1.2.3. Set Your Heart to Glory!”

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When a friend asks me to create something sacred, you better believe that I jump right to it. For me, it was about service. I created this piece of art for him, expecting nothing in return, but boy oh boy, was I in denial! God showered me with challenges, victories, Spirit filled happenings and interconnections beyond measure because I agreed to create my rendition of the Grotto of Notre Dame, here in Indiana.

This piece stretched my limited beliefs to believe that “with God, all things are possible.” If I agree to use my spiritual gifts to help someone, surely my hand will be guided. The same goes for all of you.

Stretch yourself Father Chris had once said in a homily. Stretch yourself to match what God actually made you to be. Throw out limiting beliefs and get to it!

My passion is to create art for others and this is something that I started in High School. My art teacher was by far the greatest encourager. When I was lost, due to the death of my grandpa, she saw through it all, and believed in me. So much so that she let me skip other projects just so I could finish a piece later titled, “My Metamorphosis.” This piece, along with two others in the series, now hangs in the Radiology department of the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center.

God will throw us curve balls and we may strike out but that is only because he doesn’t want us at bat. He wants us coaching instead.

So it remains, forevermore.

Much Love.

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