“A Season of Good Tidings – a Web of Beauty”

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Over and over I will say, you can be the savviest web maker but it is nothing without the Blood of Jesus Christ running through each thread.

Speaking of web making, Saint Erasmus is now my life long spider-friend. A loyal man without a doubt. He first showed up a few years ago but I didn’t recognize him until I found miracle signs from the Holy Spirit. Only then was I able to piece together the most divine life puzzle. It feels like God gives me puzzle after puzzle and the more I finish the more keys I’m given. They are keys to unlock love.

The subtle signs to each puzzle are blatantly everywhere. Ha! Such a paradox. All of life’s answers are right in front of us if we learn how to see. Ahhh. My dear friend Saint Lucy is speaking now. I am on Day 6 of my 13 day Saint Lucy Novena. She is the patron Saint of eyes. She is helping me see everything that I need to know, intuitively know. Not intellectually but by the secret of our own instinct.

Welcome Saint Lucy into your life if you dare! She is a kind and gentle helper.

Much Love. So it remains forevermore.

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