Eric’s Promise + Marian High School = LOVE

20 years ago. The Ripples of Eric.

When we combine our love with our faith, we are unstoppable. God orchestrates it all.

“Another View,” God keeps showing me. It is a view from Eric’s sister, being me.

My mom is always nudging and supporting me every step of the way. She has always encouraged me to Show Up publicly for Eric. I always had in my own way but God now says to me, “I am holding your hand. It is time to build, to lead, to encourage and to do so in a light that you’ve never seen before. I got you. It is time to walk.”

The View:

As my family was blinded and sinking in grief due to Eric’s death on Valentine’s Day 2002, unknown to us at the time, the Marian Community was keeping Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.” Eric was and is being kept alive through the Holy Spirit.

The sign in the above picture says, “Eric’s Promise – Bring Food, Clothing and Household Items by April 16th.” This picture was taken about a month after Eric’s death and was the marquee outside of Marian High School’s entrance. The Marian community was living and is still living Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.”

One of the ways that Eric decided to be more giving occurred the night before he died. He had cleaned his room and gathered several bags of clothes that he wanted to donate to St. Vincent de Paul Society. Dying the next day, he wasn’t able to deliver them and my mom ended up doing so. The students of Marian received the message of Eric’s heart and with the help of leadership within the school…our family was invited to a Memorial Mass shortly after Eric died. During the offertory of this Mass, the students started carrying up hundreds of bags filled with gently used items to the altar. I remember this like it was yesterday. I remember realizing that they were keeping Eric’s Promise! I just started bawling from pure joy, disbelief and grief. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

It meant that they loved my brother! That is all this big sister ever wanted for him. I wanted him to be loved, cared for, seen, respected and honored. I wanted these things as he lived here physically and my wish has always been for these same things to continue after his death. My wish came true the moment he died. For a young man who loved so greatly would never be forgotten. Not only that but he would be honored and is so.

From then on, I witnessed my mom traveling to Medjugorje later that year. She saw the Host of Jesus Christ within the sun. The Holy Trinity was calling out to her and she listened. She knew then that Eric’s Promise would continue to live on. When my mom returned home, she made the moves, the connections and reached out to all that God had guided her to do. She SHOWED UP.

20 years later, Eric’s Promise is still going strong. One amazing highlight is Marian High School spicing things up with a 5 week Acts of Kindness challenge, in remembrance of Eric.

I will be speaking to Marian on Ash Wednesday 2022 to kick off 20 years of Eric’s Promise! I won’t be filling my Mom’s shoes because God gave me my own to walk in.

Amen. So it remains, forevermore!


3 thoughts on “Eric’s Promise + Marian High School = LOVE

  1. I never met Eric but being that he was a progeny of you and Joe, I’m sure he was/is a great young man. My heartfelt thoughts are with you and your whole family!


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