When We Match Our Minds to Our Souls…

Discernment, a fine linen, a silk that is too precious to be sold

A goal in life? No. A matter of wisdom coming to those who are chosen to build a new road

A new beginning for the world, a divine appointment

Tossing aside great fears of defeat

Swinging on the branches within the Tree of Life

Eating of its never-ending fruit yet sharing it with the whole world

Witnessing God’s defense at every turn

Work hard they say. Let it be effortless the others say. Just do it, I say.

A wasteland, a cesspool she says, as a gateway to transformation shows itself

Alchemy they say. How about a word for the everyday soul instead? Something everyone understands.

The Heart. Our compass. The finest Alchemist in all the land.

The Yellow Brick Road to courage, the mind and the heart. The journey to align them all.

The nice girl wins. The nice boy wins.

Peace is shattering all hatred. Smiles abound.

Honesty. Sincerity. The Walls of Jerico are coming down.

Change comes from the graceful tracks in the sands of time.

The only person to impress is God.

Hour-glasses pouring out judgments

Flip the glass and pouring out kindness, an easy way to be, to see

Simplicity. Golden pathways to breathing

A fox explains the way to hit a home run ever so cunningly

A Poem.

The feels of glee require balance of hard truths

Freedom exposed at every venture, every crossroad, every prayer and meditation

Craft a course, a puzzle for others to break chains from

One only the wise can piece together and solve

Tap. Tap. Link to Link. A new web of divine graces line the streets and fill the air

Breathe it in.

Creativity. Seeking cracks. Seeking slivers. Stones to be turned.

Nothing adorns the intertwined happenings of knowing words matter

The mundane becomes the sacred. Only a slight perspective tweak is needed.

A dart. A target is nailed. Over and over again. One right after another. Flowing in like the days are long in Alaskan Summers.

Hidden gems in plain sight, from East to West

Sacred sounds all abound.

Respect dished out like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks too.

Honoring every living thing.

Infinite graces growing on trees and flowering from the grounds.

Spring is here.

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