The Blinds Have Officially Opened

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I have patiently been waiting for the unfolding of what I saw in my drawings of Lent 2021.

Lent 2021 was a dedication to God of my gifts. The Arts. Nature. Knowing. Connecting it all.

I chose to show the Universe that I believe in what has been given to me and no matter what the cause, no matter what the obstacle, I would use them.

Painstakingly, hardly able to get through each day, I made the time to do a quick intuitive drawing. Some were of the physical pain that I was experiencing, and some were filled with the Grace of God’s knowing passing through my hands.

The Wells.

I have finally reached the depths of the Wells. I had first seen the Wells in April 2020 but they were at a distance, something I was walking towards, searching for.

They are now springing forth! Let’s drink. The time of thirst is over!!! We have crossed the desert into the Promise Land. Eric’s Promise. Each door shown to me, without a doubt, will be knocked upon, has been knocked upon and will be so forevermore. Forevermore because it is bound to Jesus Christ himself.

The Legend of the Egg has arrived and is in its full Glory.

A fountain. A mighty geyser gushing throughout the world. Yellowstone gave me a glimpse, three times over, of what was to come. Needless to say, the beauty goes beyond our understanding but when we know, we know.

Slowly but surely, God is showing me and it’s quite the show! Interconnections and mirrors have taken the stage. Joy! Relief! Healing! Forgiveness! Softened Hearts! Kindness! Glee! Love! Celebrating Life! Dancing! Singing! Spoken Words! Creativity to help others! Miracles!

“The Wells Have Sprung”

Glazed over eyes in disbelief.

Disbelief that God has finally provided the Harvest.

A harvest of days and nights filled with harmonious sounds of laughter and dancing.

As the sun shines towards the fields of wheat, what is done is done.

It can not be undone any longer. Unraveling is no longer part of the vocabulary.

No war, no sinners and not even saints can alter the labyrinth. It can only be walked.

Crows fly in and are immediately morphed into doves.

Coyotes howl only to be silenced by Venus itself.

Owls provide not only night vision but a Wisdom of Morality surpassed by all else.

Wolves dance into the silent dreams of wonder and awe to dance in compassion alone.

Bears are guided to the meadows orchestrating flowers of peace.

Snakes slither into pools of calm and understanding.

A new road has been paved. The ribbon has been cut. A new temple has been born.

A temple that is indestructible because it carries no walls and is guarded by the Sacred.

Songbirds fly in to carry the sound of poems.


Living Water.

No one goes thirsty. Everyone that comes to the Well is replenished.

No one is turned away.

No one is judged.

All are welcome.

A new dawn has broken.

The red-wing black bird protecting amongst all other woven webs of light.

The power of words carries a meaning of justice served.

Balance dominates the landscape.

We show up to be seen, to be heard and so it is. A peace Stand on Selflessness.

Thanking the courageous souls that live authenticity in each step grazing every blade of grass.

Turning concrete into Earth’s womb of song.

Turning children to the sun as leaders reborn.

Patience, it is all turning. The Canticle is loud and clear.

It is all claiming a solid foundation of understanding and healing.

For if we fake our way through life, we are not truly living and every breath is wasted.

Are we really here to neglect who we are? No. We are alive. Let’s act on every breath and get off the wall of misunderstandings within expectations.

Strength resides in walking our heart path, trusting our creator.

We have opened the blinds.

Love, Melissa

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