“Nothing is What it Seems”

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Wiping away the darkness by a simple motion of energy.

Knowing Spirit enters the minds and quickly provides an ease, seemingly out of nowhere.

Tapping into all that is Sacred.

Living Water pouring out from my cells.

Dripping onto the pavement for all of Nature to partake in.

Gifts of Sight.

Nothing is what it seems.

Riding the waves of understanding.

Splashing the shores of brilliance.

Shining glimpses of walking on water.

Boundless in miracles.

The human condition is at most times stuck in a reality that is at a low grade frequency. People see the mundane as, well, mundane.

It is far from it. Far, far, from it.

God speaks to us through absolutely everything. Absolutely. Everything. Everyone. Truly Everywhere. We are taught growing up that God is everywhere and knows everything etc. but until you actually breathe one with the Spirit, you have no idea what this actually means.

Take it all to the metaphor. Tap. Tap.

Listen to what is really being said and conveyed. There is always an underlying meaning to everything. For we operate on this Earth as vessels for something beyond definitions, beyond science and beyond perspectives that humans harvest.

When Eric died in 2002, I remember very clearly, riding in a car with friends. Glazed over by the meaningless chatter amongst them, the thought, “I know nothing” saturated every fiber of me.

The only thing I care about is this:

How can we help others without spending money?

This is my challenge to you as the reader and to me as the writer.

We use our Spiritual Gifts and if there is a will, there is a way. God is the Way Maker. Just believe. Create. Listen. Act upon the nudges. Period.

Let’s get to work!

Amen. So it is.

Love, Melissa

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