“What Guides You”

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It may be Spring 2022 but my Spirit is all about Change, new beginnings.

The Nature of Life, is it opposites attract?

Is it the Law of Attraction? You are what you seek and what you are seeks you?

What if you are constantly evolving and you simply meet what helps you evolve?

What if you were born to be stagnant and you simply fall into meeting people that keep you there?

For anyone to speak of life in such black and white terms is an insult to the kaleidoscope of it all.

From what I see, it depends on your path. Some of us are here for a day, an hour and some never make it out of the womb. Some of us are here for 90 years, 50 years or 17 years.

Are we all predestined to live out a life as directed by a higher power? Are we thrown into a seed and it is all just chance from there? Where did the seed come from? What created the seed? What created what created the seed? On and on and on it goes.

Can the origin of anything really be traced? Absolutely not.

I can, without a doubt, speak in terms of what my instincts say in a particular moment but anything outside of that is a free for all.

I used to be free but that was before I said, “God I am all yours. Do as you please.” Paradoxically, saying that gave me freedom. How many of us actually say that? Most prayers or life requests are asking for what we want or need instead of just surrendering to a higher plan or design of life. I am all about surrender. Only then do I feel bliss, love and a never ending gratitude for breathing.

I do feel guided in such a way that my free will is actually divine orchestration. Our minds are puppets, I am tellin ya. It is either one force or the other. What guides you, fear or love?

Much Love, Melissa

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