A Broad View

Clear view

Another view

Broad View

Very soon, being that I am in the Wheel, maybe even today, the answers and logical sense will appear from a enormous classification of signs that I have put in my back pocket. Spirit is loud. Everything Holy and Divine that is. Already, starting yesterday, things have started to make sense. This wave of beauty is sure to continue without pause or rest.

Starting 1 day ago, the words Clear View showed themselves as I was starting a Physical Therapy routine. It was amazing how it unfolded. After 44 minutes of dedicating myself to physical strength, the mental strength immediately followed and carried me through a good portion of the day. I am rebuilding my temple and soon enough this physical therapy will provide a mental strength that never expires.

The words Another View showed themselves when I joined a group of women entrepreneurs for an evening last year. It came through on a pencil and I have been drawing with this pencil ever since. Ultimately, the epiphany of Jesus came through. It was paired with understanding that the only true thing I have in common with others is where our Source of light comes. Even then it’s not always the same source though but maybe it is actually and we all call it a different name. We all identify it as we see fit for our own hearts, our own minds and our own souls. Therefore, let’s all remember this when speaking to eachother about what love is. The way you love is different than the way I love and so on and so forth. There is not always a clear knowing of love and light though due to our limited perceptions of experiencing life. Some of this is due to trauma which in turns makes the blinds turn on and in full force. When the blinders are on, all we are capable of seeing is our own suffering. Therefore, once again and in other words, how other people perceive you is not your truth, it’s their truth.

The words Broad View showed themselves this morning. As I awoke early this morning, the knowing began with starting the Beach Walk journey in my town of roots. I see silence, a sunrise, the Sun King, reflections of light, waves of peace, birds singing and Nature celebrating at the pace of my every step. In other words, I am drawing closer to my Harvester aka my Creator by the second and with this as my way, the only possible and absolute outcome is The Way Maker being present. For this, I am humbled and grateful.

A light, a twinkling shimmer arose from the abyss and has placed itself right in my eyes.

Much Love. Melissa, Eric’s sister

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