Miracle of the Sun

This painting came to me through the Grotto of Notre Dame, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Lent, Eric’s Promise and more than any human can possibly understand or even begin to explain.

What I can say is:

The recipient of this painting has this message to share:

“My husband and I felt moved to ask Melissa to paint Our Lady of Fatima with the Shepherd Children after seeing one of her Marian paintings in a friend’s home. We visited Fatima in 2016 and prayed fervently that our marriage would be blessed with a child. It was over a year later that we finally experienced the joy of a positive pregnancy test. The date was May 13, 2017. It was the centennial of Mary’s first apparition at Fatima on May 13, 1917, and it was also Mother’s Day. A sure sign, we believe, of Our Lady’s intercession.

We are so grateful to Melissa that we now have a painting for our children’s play room that invites them into a prayerful relationship with Christ, Our Lady, and the Shepherd Children. We look forward to sharing our Fatima story with our three boys as they get older, and we hope Our Lady will draw them closer to the Cross, as She has for us.

The opportunity to learn about and support Eric’s Promise was an unexpected blessing as we collaborated on this painting. Melissa’s loving devotion to Eric’s legacy is a beautiful reminder of Christ’s loving presence in our world, and we hope to grow in holiness as we strive to live out Eric’s promise “to be more giving” in our own lives!”

The request to paint this showed itself on Palm Sunday. Earlier that day I felt moved to go to the Grotto of Notre Dame to Pray to Our Lady of Fatima. Goosebumps. Our Lady was rushing into my own life, for the first time and in a big way.

This Holy Week of Lent marked 20 years for Eric’s Promise and it was my turn to step up and hit home runs and grand slams with Jesus. In doing so The Holy Spirit says, ”Bring all the gifts to the table. There is no time to waste. Let us make a feast for all to eat.”

My family roots had set the table.

Grandma, God Bless her soul, has been teaching me all about the Saints, the Rosary and sacred prayers. I have been teaching her about Saints and God’s magic too in return.

Just in time, she has introduced me to her 69 year old prayer book. You see, I have been working very hard on tapping into the Sacred Masculine of the world for years and it has finally come to fruition and full circle. Father’s day weekend even. Grandma let me blind open her prayer book. I turned to the Litany of Loretto. Little does anyone know that at the height of sacred signs before Lent 2022, the word Loretto showed itself. Right away, I knew this word was key so started to research. In part I found out that it had to do with the divine staircase that was built with no nails in Sante Fe, New Mexico. The Sisters of Loretto were praying a Novena to Saint Joseph and on the ninth and last day a mystery man carpenter came to help them connect the first floor to the choir, on the second floor of the church. The man built a Helix staircase and disappeared.

The Blood of Jesus Christ. Helix.

In Catholic tradition, June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am learning this for the first time. New eyes are sometimes the best eyes. Raw Wonder. I am infused with child like awe. Gratitude to the highest degree. Excited to see what it means for my life and everything that I am connected to. If you have studied anything on how the universe works, you’d understand that, in turn, that would mean everything. 🙏🏻

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