The Right to Life

When God opens up the door, you’ll know. Things will go and run smoothly. There will be no computer glitches or people dropping the battle or ball. No matter what anyone says, I’ve seen the race, the marathon and when the baton is ready to be passed on, nothing will or can stop it. 😍

Our Lady of Fatima has officially transferred over to Our Lady of Guadalupe and today of all days.

Watch God Work. Always but there comes a time when he amps it all UP, like nobody’s business. Giggles come. Dancing thrives and knowing of all knowing infuses our every breath, our every step and every single thing in our existence. Our Prayers are answered and they bomb every corner of our lives. Nothing is left undone. 🎯🌹

Writing, God Says. It’s time. I’ve been publically writing for as long as I’ve been divorced, so almost 10 years, but I’ve journaled ever since I was a little girl. Writing has always been a passion of mine, a way out of human made prisons. A way to break free.

Heart Matters, God says. Things that people feel but never say because society says to shut up and sit down. No. I will not sit any longer. Whatever comes around, God will take care it. I just need to keep writing, keep connecting to Jesus, Heavenly Ma, the Saints, Angels and Archangels of Heaven, the Holy Spirit, God and painting. Period. Spirit has a job to do and it has my name on it.

So it is.

Life has finally arrived.

Love. Light. Create. Unite.
Melissa, Eric’s sister

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