The Tree of Life, JC

8-28-2022 – Feast Day of Saint Augustine

Yesterday, as I firmly realized that this being week 22 of Ordinary Time, it was sealed that this is officially full access to the Tree of Life Season and forevermore.

The first post I see this morning is from Pulse Radio and it speaks about Wisdom, it being feminine and it being The Tree itself.

This morning, as I drink my coffee and say the rosary (feminine wisdom) I realize that the Tree of Life for me is Jesus on the Cross. His blood soaking the ground, rooting in the soil.

The Tree of Life is His death, afterlife and what that signifies, what that means for our World. It means Hope. It means we have a pure example of how to live. It doesn’t give us the Why but it does gives us the Compass.

The Tree of Life is not some mystical creation outside of this.
It is merely the love that God has given us through human example and form.

Those that persecuted him actually made this gift come true.

Remember, everything is in our favor when we believe in the Sacrifice of Jesus and his Resurrection. When we stay close to The Word, seeking it with our whole heart, mind and soul, we become part of the Divine Will. All things are orchestrated. Just stay focused on living it out by bringing all of his love within.

Much Love, Melissa

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