“Setting the World on Fire”…with Saints and Joy Justice

Acrylic on canvas. 2022. Justice is the name of the game but not revenge, simply Joy Justice.

Saint Philip of Neri, Patron Saint of Joy, came to me October 2021, as I prayed my first Novena ever. I shouted his name last week (September 2022) in the group rosary at ND, for an intention to rid all that was stirring. Tonight I feel he has won. Innocence remains of the once storm that came barreling through. ☺️

I was feeling vibes that shouldn’t have been around so thought it over and over about what to do. I then remembered my visit with the beautiful cloister nun at the Monastery of the Poor Saint Clare’s on July 4th weekend of 2021. She says to me, “Remember it’s all about Joy!”

You know, we all have our own reality going on yet we all share one as well.

Let’s breathe together. Let’s sit together without talking. Let’s surround ourselves with Nature and then my friends, truth will seep out of every cell. Love will surely show itself and there will be nowhere to run. That’s what we all do right? Run away from truth. Distract ourselves with fake relationships, media of any kind and fears of things that are not even real. Fear is a Liar. Joy is Truth.

There’s a reason why “My Truth” is tattooed on my back.

There isn’t anyone that has carved a path within this world that matches my mind, heart and soul.

Do I dare carve a new one and with Eric’s Promise? You better believe it.

When we are ready to see, God opens our eyes to Truth.

It all ends with us leading eachother home.

The last word.
Much Love, Melissa, Eric’s sister

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