“Dance of Life – UNITY”

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Today is about “rebuilding the temple.” As mentioned previously in a blog here, the word temple keeps showing up. The first time God yelled at me about rebuilding the temple was back in January of 2022. I was on Day 9 of my Holy Spirit Novena. The theme has been constant since. Today, I am on Day 9 of my Saint Lucy Novena. As I blind opened the bible, while meditating on healing the 5 sufferings of the world, this morning, I find myself in the Book of Haggai, 1:1. It is titled, “A Call to Build the House of the Lord.” Although, in previous years, Eric’s Promise has historically run from Ash Wednesday to Easter, and will remain to be so, I will continue to build this house all year, every year. The Architect is God. The teachers are the Saints. The tools are our Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The students are divinely selected. May the ripples be wide and may they remain under the Roof of God.

What I love about this concept is that, although, this is a Catholic based movement, in my heart, it applies to all. “To be more giving,” is the Promise and the Golden Rule is the foundation. Many times, I have stepped into places of worship and 100% of the time was dismayed at the intolerance of the people who called these places home. Since I wasn’t a member in whatever term they chose to use, I was cast aside. Even though I came into these places with a full heart, ready to learn, love and serve humanity, that meant nothing to them. Eric’s Promise will not follow this path. Eric’s Promise is for everyone. All races. All religions. ALL.

Let’s talk about the focus of this “Temple.” There is a quote that the Executive Director of the Homeless Center has stapled to his email. It says, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. The world needs more people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

What makes you come alive??

For me, it is the ARTS, all forms. Service, in all forms. Joy, in all forms. Love, in all forms. Heart to Hearts, in all forms. Gratitude for the smallest of things. Using my gifts to help others. Standing firm in courage to help others be who they were born to be, while at the same time honoring this within myself.

In rebuilding this temple, I am reminded of my work and dance within Eric’s Promise, 2015. I knew that I was leaving town, for God had planted this on my heart in 2013. I was to give EP all of my life and then transfer to another State, in all ways. So it was.

In 2015, Eric’s Promise was at a peak in my life personally. I have had many peaks and valleys within this Promise Walk but these few keys stick out:

🔑 I was asked to be part of a runway show that raised money for Saint Vincent de Paul Society. It was fun, encouraging and inspiring.

🔑 I was very much hands on with community outreach and coordinating entities that wanted to volunteer and be a part of Eric’s Promise.

🔑 I spoke to children at schools for the first time. Good Shepherd Montessori School was the very first. Let me tell you about God’s hand in this:

I reached out to Felicia that year via email, one of the founders of said school. I hadn’t heard back. Fast forward to a Winter evening of family fun in Niles, Michigan. I was on a winter hay ride with my family and a couple other families. We all started talking and all of a sudden it dawned on me! It was Felicia on the hay ride with us! I once and for all introduced myself and mentioned getting her school involved with Eric’s Promise! Soon after that, I found myself speaking to the children of her school about what it means “to be more giving.”

🔑 I held a music and art fundraiser at The Chicory Cafe.

🔑 I gave away over 100 pieces of art. I named this particular movement, ”Exploding Heart-Art Giveaway”

With that being said, the message is quite simple and the same: Use your gifts, what you are passionate about, to help others. Spread love. Spread kindness. Spread understanding. Spread wisdom. Spread faith in the Greater Good. Be it all.

So it remains forevermore.

“Roots are Alive and Joyful”

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Saint Blaise! Winner in bringing me to the Kingdom of God! Thank you! 🎯🔑😇🔥❤️

Miracles all around! The Power of the Sun! The Power of Forgiveness! The Power of Miracles! The Power of Wisdom! The Power of Understanding! The Power of Giving! The Power of Courage! The Power of using our Spiritual Gifts!

What a Tremendous STEW of LOVE!!!

The Power of my Heart remains, forevermore.


“A Season of Good Tidings – a Web of Beauty”

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Over and over I will say, you can be the savviest web maker but it is nothing without the Blood of Jesus Christ running through each thread.

Speaking of web making, Saint Erasmus is now my life long spider-friend. A loyal man without a doubt. He first showed up a few years ago but I didn’t recognize him until I found miracle signs from the Holy Spirit. Only then was I able to piece together the most divine life puzzle. It feels like God gives me puzzle after puzzle and the more I finish the more keys I’m given. They are keys to unlock love.

The subtle signs to each puzzle are blatantly everywhere. Ha! Such a paradox. All of life’s answers are right in front of us if we learn how to see. Ahhh. My dear friend Saint Lucy is speaking now. I am on Day 6 of my 13 day Saint Lucy Novena. She is the patron Saint of eyes. She is helping me see everything that I need to know, intuitively know. Not intellectually but by the secret of our own instinct.

Welcome Saint Lucy into your life if you dare! She is a kind and gentle helper.

Much Love. So it remains forevermore.

“Match Your Heart to the Sun”

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Acceptance is the Mother of Invention.

Once we are truly seeing someone or something for what it really is, only then do we have the eyes of change available for choosing.

Radical acceptance I have heard. When you feel the gift of radical acceptance then you are showered with compassionate understanding. Every cell inside of you, around you and everything you are connected to smiles.

A beautiful heart to heart last night filled me with the Greatest Reward. By overcoming my own suffering, I was then able to apply the power of the mirror to help someone. When I say overcome, I mean this: When you sacrifice your own wants to learn the heart of another, only to sing it back to them after they have fallen. This is overcoming.

The power of my heart remains.

“Shine on, Buzz on”

Metamorphosis. New Beginnings.

What do you say about life when you feel like you have said it all? You live it. You give it.

Today, I have been tied into Spirit regarding “Eric’s Promise” like no other because it marks 20 years changed. 20 years. The more alert and awake that I am, the more I see this promise as “pure sacrifice of time”. The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time.

Today, Spirit is yelling at me about ”Brook”.

I also see “Veterans” again along with “Biggin” and ”Puzzle” and “Connecting the Heavens and the Earth”.

Spirit is asking me to give my time to:

  1. Teaching
  2. The View

In other words, how to see the extra in the ordinary. How to create the sun where the moon is.

In essence, this is what I hear: (for real)

Francis of Assisi: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.

So it remains, forevermore.

“1.2.3. Set Your Heart to Glory!”

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When a friend asks me to create something sacred, you better believe that I jump right to it. For me, it was about service. I created this piece of art for him, expecting nothing in return, but boy oh boy, was I in denial! God showered me with challenges, victories, Spirit filled happenings and interconnections beyond measure because I agreed to create my rendition of the Grotto of Notre Dame, here in Indiana.

This piece stretched my limited beliefs to believe that “with God, all things are possible.” If I agree to use my spiritual gifts to help someone, surely my hand will be guided. The same goes for all of you.

Stretch yourself Father Chris had once said in a homily. Stretch yourself to match what God actually made you to be. Throw out limiting beliefs and get to it!

My passion is to create art for others and this is something that I started in High School. My art teacher was by far the greatest encourager. When I was lost, due to the death of my grandpa, she saw through it all, and believed in me. So much so that she let me skip other projects just so I could finish a piece later titled, “My Metamorphosis.” This piece, along with two others in the series, now hangs in the Radiology department of the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center.

God will throw us curve balls and we may strike out but that is only because he doesn’t want us at bat. He wants us coaching instead.

So it remains, forevermore.

Much Love.

Eric’s Promise – “to be more giving” – Thank You.

February 13, 2022

To mark this 20 year anniversary, I invite you to renew Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.”

Here is who, what, when, where, why and how:

Let’s keep it simple.

As Eric’s sister, I humbly received the torch from my Mom, Mary Molnar, to shine bright, so here is the guiding light, sow to speak (pun intended):

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived — that is to have succeeded.

“Eric was just like any other student on Ash Wednesday (2-13-2002). He attended Mass at school that day and received ashes to his forehead. But, Eric also made a conscious decision to be more giving. It was something he decided on his own, not something I said he should do,” said Mary Molnar of her son’s special Lenten promise that year. “He was a big candy lover. He always gave up candy for Lent, so I took his Lenten promise that year to be more of a life changing effort on his part, not just something you do for Lent and forget about.” (The Vincentian Word, Winter 2005)

Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving” was then created and solidified in my Mom’s heart, as of Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2002. Now, being 20 years later, to date.

Eric Henry, 17 years old, ended up passing away the very next day, Valentine’s Day 2002, in a single car accident.

  • “Have we ever been so focused on what really matters in life and what doesn’t?” (Principal’s Corner – Joe Brettnacher – Marian High School, 2002)

  • Helping to lessen the suffering of others, through acts of kindness, is what Eric’s Promise is all about. Eric made a promise, “to be more giving” and this sacred covenant is all encompassing.

Saint Mother Teresa tells us that there are 5 sufferings: “Physical. Mental. Spiritual. Emotional. Financial.”

Timeframe: Ash Wednesday through Easter (and beyond if you feel moved to do so)

Ways to Participate: (Remember that you must be stronger than your excuses)

  • Create cards, for any time of the year, and send to any Life Center. Words of encouragement and compassion are to be included. Whether it is a quote, a drawing, uplifting photos with a short message, craft, poem, short story, letter of endearment, etc. Use your imagination. Tap into your gifts of creativity.
  • Use the power of technology by hosting a virtual music concert, focused on encouragement and compassion, for any Life Center.
  • Have a pow-wow amongst Student Council, Scout Groups, Youth Groups of all kinds, CCD classes etc. and create a class project, a school project or even a community project in how “to be more giving.”
  • Examples of Life Centers are Hospitals, Homeless Centers, Abuse Shelters, Addiction Rehabilitation Centers, Foster Homes, any Life Transitioning Center, any and all Elderly Care Centers, Prisons, Homes for the Disabled and Charities that support single mothers. The list goes on. Just pick one and GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT.

“Eric will continue to make himself known to us, for he remains “alive in Christ.”” (1 Cor 15:22; Col 3:3) (Principal’s Corner – Joe Brettnacher – Marian High School, 2002)

With Gratitude, Eric’s sister

I dedicate the Renewal of Eric’s Promise to my Faith; my Mother, Mary Molnar; The communities, near and far, that have kept his promise going…

“Harvesting Miracles”

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What does it take to Harvest Miracles?

When we think things have ended, we must remind ourselves, “When you are in the Will of God, you cannot be blocked, hindered, destroyed or stopped – every attempt will only work in your favor.” 

Novenas dedicated to a specific purpose always prevail in my life. I started to really understand their power in October 2021. The Novena then was for the ”Right to Life.” Never in all my days was I moved in such a way but God tells me now, to get used to moving like this, as it is my new normal.

So it goes: Current Novena is with Saint Lucy. She helps us see. When we pair a Novena with our Spiritual gifts, we set the world on fire, in the best sense possible. We set it on fire with Love.

I was in the middle of the rosary this morning when the Universe blasted my world. Left, right and all around, messages came in. Crows were cawing and the Earth was shaking.

Know who you are in Christ. There is no other way to navigate such distaste in a violation of everything Sacred.

Next, use it all for re-direction. Place it all out on the table and then drop the mic. Let Spirit speak from that point on. Simply stated.

Wisdom is your right hand. Understanding is your left hand. The center of it all is knowing your heart and stating your claim. Period.

Fire. Water.

Never mess with a woman who lives within the Spirit.

Amen. So it remains, forevermore.

“A Place to Breathe”

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Nature. A sure way to safety, to clarity and to gratitude.

When living in Colorado, a place that some refer to as “God’s Country,” most people stayed inside. They never even ventured out to the mountains, that were strikingly apparent as you walk out the door and turn your gaze West. Even in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, people went about their day like Mountains were not right in front of them. How could this be? I asked myself this every single day. How could people ignore, dismiss and completely disregard such Beauty right in front of them?

This doesn’t happen just with mountains. It happens with everything. Life, in all its glory, is ignored. People refuse to see the miracles that are them. People forget that we live on a planet suspended in space. People ignore Beauty. How can this be? Is it pain that keeps people blind? It must be. For all I know, when truth started to become a priority in life, everything was seen with new eyes.

Every bird was noticed.

All voices were heard.

Every song was celebrated.

All people were appreciated.

Laying on the grass became Heaven on Earth.

Painting became a Haven of Understanding.

Traveling became a Vessel for Knowing.

Dancing became Easy.

I keep hearing, “Just Show Up.” So here I am, hoping that one word or one phrase read here strikes you. May it strike you to be so honest with who you are that you wouldn’t dare return to your old self.

Life is about seeing through your own excuses not to live. It is about breaking through all limited perceptions, even your own, to bring about a love that has never existed.

One day it just clicks. You do you and realize, without a doubt, that it is enough.

The eyes of your heart win the race over the mind. You become true to who you are.

Seal it all in Harmony.

Amen. So it remains forevermore.