Infinite Season of “Let’s Do This.”

So many things but I’m just going to let what needs to be conveyed flow out of me. Today, yet not even today. “It is finished,” God says. The way I see God is a gift and I’m not going to hide it anymore. We are called to spread the good news. This good newsContinue reading “Infinite Season of “Let’s Do This.””

“Setting the World on Fire”…with Saints and Joy Justice

Acrylic on canvas. 2022. Justice is the name of the game but not revenge, simply Joy Justice. Saint Philip of Neri, Patron Saint of Joy, came to me October 2021, as I prayed my first Novena ever. I shouted his name last week (September 2022) in the group rosary at ND, for an intention toContinue reading ““Setting the World on Fire”…with Saints and Joy Justice”

“Be Still and Know”

“Be Still, and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 Lent 2021 was a powerful one. Lent 2022 even better but let’s circle back to how 2021 set up the foundation. Using all of my Spiritual Gifts, everyday, brought about tuning into the unknown, like nobody’s business. This drawing here is a spin off of,Continue reading ““Be Still and Know””

“Nothing is What it Seems”

Wiping away the darkness by a simple motion of energy. Knowing Spirit enters the minds and quickly provides an ease, seemingly out of nowhere. Tapping into all that is Sacred. Living Water pouring out from my cells. Dripping onto the pavement for all of Nature to partake in. Gifts of Sight. Nothing is what itContinue reading ““Nothing is What it Seems””

“Trusting the Unknown”

I spoke to Marian High School on Ash Wednesday, 2022, with the help of Eric’s friend, Michael Davidson. We will never know the true impact we have on people but rest assured, when you are centered in Love, there will be ripples of the same. I Trust and Love the Responsibility even though I can’tContinue reading ““Trusting the Unknown””

Eric’s Promise + Marian High School = LOVE

When we combine our love with our faith, we are unstoppable. God orchestrates it all. “Another View,” God keeps showing me. It is a view from Eric’s sister, being me. My mom is always nudging and supporting me every step of the way. She has always encouraged me to Show Up publicly for Eric. IContinue reading “Eric’s Promise + Marian High School = LOVE”

“Dance of Life – UNITY”

Today is about “rebuilding the temple.” As mentioned previously in a blog here, the word temple keeps showing up. The first time God yelled at me about rebuilding the temple was back in January of 2022. I was on Day 9 of my Holy Spirit Novena. The theme has been constant since. Today, I amContinue reading ““Dance of Life – UNITY””

“A Season of Good Tidings – a Web of Beauty”

Over and over I will say, you can be the savviest web maker but it is nothing without the Blood of Jesus Christ running through each thread. Speaking of web making, Saint Erasmus is now my life long spider-friend. A loyal man without a doubt. He first showed up a few years ago but IContinue reading ““A Season of Good Tidings – a Web of Beauty””