“Match Your Heart to the Sun”

Acceptance is the Mother of Invention. Once we are truly seeing someone or something for what it really is, only then do we have the eyes of change available for choosing. Radical acceptance I have heard. When you feel the gift of radical acceptance then you are showered with compassionate understanding. Every cell inside ofContinue reading ““Match Your Heart to the Sun””

Eric’s Promise – “to be more giving” – Thank You.

February 13, 2022 To mark this 20 year anniversary, I invite you to renew Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.” Here is who, what, when, where, why and how: Let’s keep it simple. As Eric’s sister, I humbly received the torch from my Mom, Mary Molnar, to shine bright, so here is the guiding light,Continue reading “Eric’s Promise – “to be more giving” – Thank You.”

“A Place to Breathe”

Nature. A sure way to safety, to clarity and to gratitude. When living in Colorado, a place that some refer to as “God’s Country,” most people stayed inside. They never even ventured out to the mountains, that were strikingly apparent as you walk out the door and turn your gaze West. Even in one ofContinue reading ““A Place to Breathe””

“Victory is Wisdom in Love”

Victory is Wisdom in Love. There is Love like the commercialized kinda love, like the kind that Society shoves down your throat and then there is WISE LOVE. Not many people know the Wisdom of Love but that is about to change starting now. From Bars to Churches, my journals are full of writings thatContinue reading ““Victory is Wisdom in Love””

“Synergy – Love Quantum”

Tried and trusted. Synergy to the highest degree. Love, light and words beyond these measures but aligned with the same. Mirrors of kindness at every turn. Giving and receiving balanced in all directions. A compass that governs all things. People arriving to new destinies at every breath. A wish. A truth. A compilation of allContinue reading ““Synergy – Love Quantum””

“One Thing Remains”

As life circles arounds me, one thing Remains. The Power of my Heart. Standing still, knowing my place. Dancing, knowing my place. Singing, knowing my place. Praying, while knowing my place. Creating, while knowing my place. Sharing, while knowing my place. Words matter. Actions matter. Thoughts matter. Emotions matter. We are but concepts suspending inContinue reading ““One Thing Remains””

“A Lucky Charm – Divine Will”

This one is full of paradoxical advantages. The day of Eric’s viewing, a ladybug landed on someone’s shoulder. Not just anyone’s shoulder but the mother of my God-daughter. From then on my entire family adopted the ladybug as a sign from Eric. Rest assured, this is truth. The timing of the ladybug’s arrival, all throughoutContinue reading ““A Lucky Charm – Divine Will””

“Rising in Love”

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Ask me this question any day before this very moment and I would’ve picked a town, village, state, country etc. outside of where I am. Today, the answer is nowhere but here. You know why? I am finally rooting myself in love. Writing.Continue reading ““Rising in Love””

“Bee a Light”

Friendship. What does Saint Ambrose say about this special soul bond? Let’s find out. He is one of my guides, if you will. When I was in the middle of the wilderness of Colorado mountains, I chose a number to represent my heart. This was years ago and this number didn’t present a meaning untilContinue reading ““Bee a Light””