Infinite Season of “Let’s Do This.”

So many things but I’m just going to let what needs to be conveyed flow out of me. Today, yet not even today. “It is finished,” God says. The way I see God is a gift and I’m not going to hide it anymore. We are called to spread the good news. This good newsContinue reading “Infinite Season of “Let’s Do This.””

“Nothing is What it Seems”

Wiping away the darkness by a simple motion of energy. Knowing Spirit enters the minds and quickly provides an ease, seemingly out of nowhere. Tapping into all that is Sacred. Living Water pouring out from my cells. Dripping onto the pavement for all of Nature to partake in. Gifts of Sight. Nothing is what itContinue reading ““Nothing is What it Seems””

“Dance of Life – UNITY”

Today is about “rebuilding the temple.” As mentioned previously in a blog here, the word temple keeps showing up. The first time God yelled at me about rebuilding the temple was back in January of 2022. I was on Day 9 of my Holy Spirit Novena. The theme has been constant since. Today, I amContinue reading ““Dance of Life – UNITY””

“1.2.3. Set Your Heart to Glory!”

When a friend asks me to create something sacred, you better believe that I jump right to it. For me, it was about service. I created this piece of art for him, expecting nothing in return, but boy oh boy, was I in denial! God showered me with challenges, victories, Spirit filled happenings and interconnectionsContinue reading ““1.2.3. Set Your Heart to Glory!””

“Parable of the Living Water”

…and then…God stepped in. Patience is a virtue. For if everything would be founded and started with a grateful heart, surely all would be well received. People are tired of being asked for help. People are drained from their own existence. Let’s start our holy moves with gratitude. Only then will we be welcomed. EcclesiastesContinue reading ““Parable of the Living Water””

“Rising in Trust”

Several years ago, a man once said to me, “Love is not enough.” It has taken me 9 years to understand what this statement really means. I have discovered this: Without Trust, Love is fleeting. Just like any other emotion. Trust is the foundation of anything. Think about it. When you decide to do somethingContinue reading ““Rising in Trust””