“Be Still and Know”

“Be Still, and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 Lent 2021 was a powerful one. Lent 2022 even better but let’s circle back to how 2021 set up the foundation. Using all of my Spiritual Gifts, everyday, brought about tuning into the unknown, like nobody’s business. This drawing here is a spin off of,Continue reading ““Be Still and Know””

“Victory is Wisdom in Love”

Victory is Wisdom in Love. There is Love like the commercialized kinda love, like the kind that Society shoves down your throat and then there is WISE LOVE. Not many people know the Wisdom of Love but that is about to change starting now. From Bars to Churches, my journals are full of writings thatContinue reading ““Victory is Wisdom in Love””

“A Lucky Charm – Divine Will”

This one is full of paradoxical advantages. The day of Eric’s viewing, a ladybug landed on someone’s shoulder. Not just anyone’s shoulder but the mother of my God-daughter. From then on my entire family adopted the ladybug as a sign from Eric. Rest assured, this is truth. The timing of the ladybug’s arrival, all throughoutContinue reading ““A Lucky Charm – Divine Will””