“A Season of Good Tidings – a Web of Beauty”

Over and over I will say, you can be the savviest web maker but it is nothing without the Blood of Jesus Christ running through each thread. Speaking of web making, Saint Erasmus is now my life long spider-friend. A loyal man without a doubt. He first showed up a few years ago but IContinue reading ““A Season of Good Tidings – a Web of Beauty””

“Not a Sellout. Authenticity Strikes.”

Authenticity. Yeah. You know the word. Do you know what it means when it comes to honoring a loved one though? I do. There was an opportunity that showed itself that would have given Eric the lime-light again but I know Eric doesn’t appreciate that kinda shine. He prefers the Down to Earth, one onContinue reading ““Not a Sellout. Authenticity Strikes.””