“Trusting the Unknown”

I spoke to Marian High School on Ash Wednesday, 2022, with the help of Eric’s friend, Michael Davidson. We will never know the true impact we have on people but rest assured, when you are centered in Love, there will be ripples of the same. I Trust and Love the Responsibility even though I can’tContinue reading ““Trusting the Unknown””

“Rising in Trust”

Several years ago, a man once said to me, “Love is not enough.” It has taken me 9 years to understand what this statement really means. I have discovered this: Without Trust, Love is fleeting. Just like any other emotion. Trust is the foundation of anything. Think about it. When you decide to do somethingContinue reading ““Rising in Trust””

“Rising in Love”

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Ask me this question any day before this very moment and I would’ve picked a town, village, state, country etc. outside of where I am. Today, the answer is nowhere but here. You know why? I am finally rooting myself in love. Writing.Continue reading ““Rising in Love””