“Nothing is What it Seems”

Wiping away the darkness by a simple motion of energy. Knowing Spirit enters the minds and quickly provides an ease, seemingly out of nowhere. Tapping into all that is Sacred. Living Water pouring out from my cells. Dripping onto the pavement for all of Nature to partake in. Gifts of Sight. Nothing is what itContinue reading ““Nothing is What it Seems””

“The Branches of Life”

1 Corinthians, 1:4 and 5 – I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way – with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge. When you’d rather grab something new instead of finishing what you have started,Continue reading ““The Branches of Life””

The Blinds Have Officially Opened

I have patiently been waiting for the unfolding of what I saw in my drawings of Lent 2021. Lent 2021 was a dedication to God of my gifts. The Arts. Nature. Knowing. Connecting it all. I chose to show the Universe that I believe in what has been given to me and no matter whatContinue reading “The Blinds Have Officially Opened”

“As I Gaze Upon You – Make a Wish”

As I gaze upon the storm inside of me, I am routinely quieting it, hugging it and not leaving it to tend alone. We have to face the storms within us so we can then turn to the Eye and say, “I Am Not You.” I see you in an astounding reflection but I AmContinue reading ““As I Gaze Upon You – Make a Wish””

“Parable of the Living Water”

…and then…God stepped in. Patience is a virtue. For if everything would be founded and started with a grateful heart, surely all would be well received. People are tired of being asked for help. People are drained from their own existence. Let’s start our holy moves with gratitude. Only then will we be welcomed. EcclesiastesContinue reading ““Parable of the Living Water””

“Synergy – Love Quantum”

Tried and trusted. Synergy to the highest degree. Love, light and words beyond these measures but aligned with the same. Mirrors of kindness at every turn. Giving and receiving balanced in all directions. A compass that governs all things. People arriving to new destinies at every breath. A wish. A truth. A compilation of allContinue reading ““Synergy – Love Quantum””

“One Thing Remains”

As life circles arounds me, one thing Remains. The Power of my Heart. Standing still, knowing my place. Dancing, knowing my place. Singing, knowing my place. Praying, while knowing my place. Creating, while knowing my place. Sharing, while knowing my place. Words matter. Actions matter. Thoughts matter. Emotions matter. We are but concepts suspending inContinue reading ““One Thing Remains””

“Bee a Light”

Friendship. What does Saint Ambrose say about this special soul bond? Let’s find out. He is one of my guides, if you will. When I was in the middle of the wilderness of Colorado mountains, I chose a number to represent my heart. This was years ago and this number didn’t present a meaning untilContinue reading ““Bee a Light””

“The Truth is Saint Joseph”

You Are Worthy! Let’s Dance to Love. Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving,” is about coming up with your own Promise to the World. I promise to Love with my Spiritual Gifts. Here it begins. Woe to the woman or man that idolizes anything other than their own heart. The Foundation for all Breath ofContinue reading ““The Truth is Saint Joseph””