“A Simple Promise”

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There is a saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” I get it but here is another angle.

How about you make sure the basket aligns with your destiny before putting in all of the eggs?

How about you redefine what this basket actually holds?

You can have more than one basket too.

Reframe the known to fit what needs to be known.

Carve a new way of thinking. Evolve. Help others evolve, but kindly, with boundaries and wisely.

We have outgrown what we have been taught. It is time to reorganize it, toss out what doesn’t belong and to create infinite baskets with infinite eggs.

Let me tell you a secret about eggs. In 2020, driving home from Colorado, the red-winged blackbird paid me a strong and loud visit. I also felt the power of the owl and the power of Franciscan. Unknown to me at the time, was what all of this meant. This was April. Moving along to maybe a couple months ahead, the same bird flew at me and knocked on my head. Literally. It was protecting it’s nest but I didn’t see the nest at the time.

It was hidden to those who were new to the path that I was on.

Clearly there was a message or two or three or countless. There are countless. They all surround the “Legend of the Egg.”

Fast forward to Summer 2021, I began to see what this was all about. Let me tell you about this Secret Legend.

I was praying the rosary in a church one evening in said Summer of 2021, connected to a certain soul at the time, and heard the word “Garage.” I immediately reached out to said soul and said, “I need to see what is in your garage.” He obliged and let me walk in and look around. I literally stopped as I walked in the door, found a book filled with dust called, “The Legend of the Egg.” I flipped threw it and it was my life’s story. Mouth was officially gaped wide open. I was gifted the book and later gifted it to a community library.

Moving on to a month or so later, the same soul who owned and gifted the book told me that I missed something that night in the garage. I missed the fact that he had three signs. One was Faith. One was Hope. One was Love. It was dark, night time, when I first visited his garage. I thought that since the book was so plain as day in my face, that this was the only thing Spirit wanted me to see. I was wrong. The man said, “You missed the fact that the Hope sign was broken.”

Needless to say, I fell to the knees inside of my heart and realized, yes, the “nest” that was unseen on this new path, was HOPE. The HOPE of others was being fiercely protected yet this bird was reaching out to me to help find it. The problem with this is: I am not the Giver of Hope. Jesus Christ is. Look to God, not another human. You will only bare false witness by looking to me. God moves and knows your heart better than I can manage. Yes, I hear God and follow what I hear but that is as far as my job goes. The rest is up to you. Pray. Believe God hears you. Know the answers are inside of YOU. If you would rather use a different word then do so. The Universe. Source. Whatever you call Love, use that word. May it be pure. May it be true. May it be you. Do You, my Brother would always say, so I say the same to you.

We can learn to trust again. We don’t learn to trust what we hear from others. No. We learn to trust what our intuition says, what our heart says to be true. We learn to trust what synchro-destiny shows us. Thank you for that term Deepak Chopra. It is a mighty fine egg that I just cracked open this morning.

We all have our own personal truth. The Legend of the Egg for me is with Art, Nature, The Holy Trinity, Writing, following the nudges of the Universe, Understanding how to use my Spiritual Gifts and how to wake other people up with a Simple Promise. Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving.” The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time and spread HOPE and FAITH with LOVE. That my friends, is The Legend of the Egg.

Update: Easter. The Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Lent. All of this is the Legend of the Egg.

Amen. So it is.

“Love and Trust”

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This place is a Sanctuary for all things Sacred related to Faith, Family, Friends, Forgiveness, Freedom, Fortitude and the Highest of Frequencies.

People are always impacting us, every moment of everyday. What are you letting yourself be impacted by? Are you playing a victim role because it is easier than living the life that you are called to live? I have caught myself doing this from time to time. My brother Eric’s death has taught me this about ourselves. We tend to use the most obvious excuse to dismiss our responsibility of life.

What can you do to Love and Trust your Responsibility in this life? You can take solid action every moment of everyday. This starts with the thoughts and feelings we allow to mold us. Put on a high vibin channel of music. That is an easy way to focus your thoughts and feelings on something positive. Read an uplifting book. Enjoy a walk with Nature. Align your energy to a podcast on love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, empathy, courage, strength, faith or determination.

Once you have yourself aligned with a high frequency of the above, create. Believe in your magic. Believe that what you create will hold the space. Believe that what you create tunes the air into Jesus Christ himself! It is true. Time and time again, the power of prayer has shown me the secret to living in Harmony with my calling and utmost morals and beliefs.

I wouldn’t call myself religious but there is indeed some amazing truth out there for you to hold onto and create with. Go for it! Sift out the false teachings and follow your heart! Believe that when you are rooted in love, God aka the Universe, wins in you and all around you. Create a ripple effect of Love and Trust.


Plan Bee – “Bridging the Gap”

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How do we bridge the gap and what does this actually mean? To me, it is about celebrating more of what we have in common rather than what separates us. It is easy to talk negative about someone or something and this is also coward like behavior. Bee Kind.

  1. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.
  2. Treat others like you want to be treated.
  3. Throw out defining someone by the way they look.
  4. Toss out the notion that people don’t change.
  5. Get rid of stereotypes.
  6. Give someone a compliment instead of judging them.
  7. There are infinite ways to climb the mountain. Your way is not “the right way.” Your way is “a way.” Really, this life is about how well you loved.