“Synergy – Love Quantum”

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Tried and trusted. Synergy to the highest degree. Love, light and words beyond these measures but aligned with the same. Mirrors of kindness at every turn. Giving and receiving balanced in all directions. A compass that governs all things. People arriving to new destinies at every breath. A wish. A truth. A compilation of all music notes ringing and swinging from our hearts.

Gladness fills the air. Joy takes over. We can not help but dance. Keeping eachother’s fires lit. All storms are stilled to narrow arrows pointed and targeted at the sun. Nailing every release. Out comes the bright glow of angels sounding trumpets not for war but as a sign of sweet victory for peace.

Sirens become bells of people coming together to share food, medicine, water and shelter. Everyone joins hands to unite in glory of knowing what it means to breathe. Tears sway and slow through the air, turning into bubbles that children pop with laughter. A sure sign of bliss, love.

Laughter upon laughter, filling every crack, lining every mind with golden thoughts of purity.

We re-write our times by rising above them.

We re-write our times by sinking into compassion.

We re-write our times with new understanding.

We re-write our times with new energistic skills.

We become the best of what we are born to be.

We become a partner with calm.

We become the Quantum of Love.

So it is.

“One Thing Remains”

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As life circles arounds me, one thing Remains. The Power of my Heart.

Standing still, knowing my place.

Dancing, knowing my place.

Singing, knowing my place.

Praying, while knowing my place.

Creating, while knowing my place.

Sharing, while knowing my place.

Words matter.

Actions matter.

Thoughts matter.

Emotions matter.

We are but concepts suspending in space and time.

We are a pinprick away from being cast into the shadows.

We are anchored in light when we choose to be.

Choices matter.

Simple truths bundled up in wood to be lit on fire.

The match is only for those who walk the path of love.

The match is only for those who walk the path of unity.

The match is only for those who walk the path of understanding.

The match is your heart.

Light it Up.

Much Love.

“A Lucky Charm – Divine Will”

This one is full of paradoxical advantages. The day of Eric’s viewing, a ladybug landed on someone’s shoulder. Not just anyone’s shoulder but the mother of my God-daughter. From then on my entire family adopted the ladybug as a sign from Eric. Rest assured, this is truth. The timing of the ladybug’s arrival, all throughout the last 20 years, has proved to be tried and true.

God uses all things to bring about Hope and signs of our loved ones. This is not exactly the turn I wanted to take with this piece but that is where my hands are going.

So, let’s do it. What sign do you have for your loved one that has passed on?

Cardinals, ahh, I see where this is going now. The Renewal. Last year, the Cardinal was calling me over and over and over again. I was confused because I didn’t know why I would be feeling Eric as a cardinal when he had always been a ladybug but I knew it was him. Come Valentine’s Day 2021, the anniversary of Eric’s death, I ended up painting a cardinal to honor this bond and what he was telling me. I also painted about leaning into Strength. How else do you renew a gift that the Holy Spirit has given the community? Trust. Love. Strength. Simplicity. These things count for every cent.

Back to the cardinal. I decided to walk my parents dog during this painting and low and behold I saw my first cardinal of the year. On Valentine’s Day. His anniversary. I was ecstatic. Not only was I feeling the cardinal love but as I was leaving my parents, after spending the whole day there, I fell to the ground in grief. I had held it in all day so I just started crying and crying and professing my grief aloud to my mom, when all of a sudden, my music turned on by itself. Spirit was making itself known. Eric was making himself known. I pushed stop and continued to speak to my Mom. A few moments later my step-dad walked in the door and I began to profess my love for Spirit and how it turned my music on. As I spoke of this, it came on again.

I always look forward to these days where I know Eric will be yelling at me through all things. I appreciate him showing up. Speaking of, last night he came to my dreams. As you can see, this piece is about the ladybug. He came to me in all forms of beetles last night. Then I found this today after remembering my dream:

“The Beetle totem animal symbolizes light, renewals, self-preservation, and resurrection.”

I have been calling this 20th year of Eric’s Promise, The Renewal. Looks like he approves.

Life doesn’t end after death. Remember this.

God Bless. Atman.

“Rising in Trust”

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Several years ago, a man once said to me, “Love is not enough.” It has taken me 9 years to understand what this statement really means.

I have discovered this: Without Trust, Love is fleeting. Just like any other emotion. Trust is the foundation of anything. Think about it. When you decide to do something and you believe with every ounce of your soul that it is the right thing to do, to think and to feel, the inertia, with any of these aspects of life, is propelled forward like a mighty windstorm. You become the storm. Not a storm in the fearful sense but a storm of Light.

If we have the slightest doubt in any thought, feeling or action, the outcome is always less effective.

We must not only root ourselves in love but we need to Trust our Light. We need to Trust our Magic. Do you even know what it means to change the trajectory of space and time with your light?? It is quite easy once you have firmly planted yourself in your Spiritual Gifts. If you know you are to serve humanity, then accept it, own it and claim it with every fiber. This, my friends, is the ability to change space and time with Light. The Universe orchestrates all things, aligns all things and moves everything to occur at the exact point in time that it chooses to. All you have to do is say, “God. I am all yours. Show me what to feel, what to think, what to say, what to do…and my favorite…God. Show me who, what, when, where and how.”

We have already established the Why. Just a reminder, the Why is Love.

Trust in Your Light.

“Rising in Love”

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If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Ask me this question any day before this very moment and I would’ve picked a town, village, state, country etc. outside of where I am. Today, the answer is nowhere but here. You know why? I am finally rooting myself in love. Writing. It fills me with a blissful giggle. How did I get here? It has been decades in the making.

When we want to travel, to me, it is because we want to see something that we can not find inside of ourselves. I remember the moment in Yosemite Valley that changed my life. It was 2008ish, was with my soulmate at the time, yet felt a deep lack of love in my life. We were driving and could almost touch the granite walls from inside the car. All of a sudden, an enormous sense of wonder and awe swept itself inside of my soul. I knew then, in that moment, what it really meant to be alive.

Ever since then, I had been chasing that feeling, until recently. No chasing needed. I remember another time when I was walking a nature path at a local park and the spark of a butterfly flew passed me. I immediately wanted to chase it but then something said, “No. Stay. Enjoy the beauty of the flight.”

Afterall, traveling within it quite the Journey and Teacher. We can fly to the greatest of heights once we find the love of what is outside, on the inside. It starts with being honest about how we feel. A man once said to me, “Are you in love with this soulmate?” Initially, I said what any woman would say. “Of course. Yes.” We kept talking and the man said to me once again, “Are you in love with this man?” The power is in the timing of the question. It wasn’t until I was able to Trust the moment that I was able to be honest. The answer was then, “No.”

You see, my brother Eric had died. This man was able to show me signs of him living after death. Things that only I knew. So, in this moment, I knew that it wasn’t the man asking me about love, it was my brother.

What do we do once we have found all of the things? We create. Remember, your impact is powerful so choose love. How do we get to love? That is the Power of the Why. There are infinite ways to get to love. I imagine, after reading this, things will become much easier. Love will be easier.

Much Love.

“Let Love Be Easy”

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When I first started writing and really purging everything that I felt love was, starting about 9 years ago, I enjoyed a beer while doing it or a glass of wine. Liquid courage is the real deal. It takes courage to express love. Why does it have to be hard to express love?

Let Love Be Easy.

First I had to forgive myself and take responsibility for any actions or thoughts that were not centered in love. Once I studied myself, I was able to understand others. You will read this ideology in many teachings. True wisdom is knowing yourself. Not only is this important for you to fulfill your destiny but True Wisdom is a way of existing.

We try to take one quote and apply it to everything but a quote is only a piece to the pie. A quote sums up a snipit but you need to know what the snipit is!

There are infinite ways to apply words, perspectives and understandings. How do we find the bridge? The less we talk the better. The more we just are together the better.

I went to Peru, South America in 2014 to honor my brother Eric. I left on Valentine’s Day and it was a 2 week mission trip. Little did I know that this mission would be a compass and guide for the rest of my life. I continuously refer to my time there and it was only two weeks! I imagine if I go anywhere out of the country for even that long that it would do the same. Traveling abroad is quite the Teacher.

When I visited a village there, I did not speak Spanish at the time. My main way of communication with the children there was body language. We understood eachother.

Simply stated. God Bless.

“Bee a Light”

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Friendship. What does Saint Ambrose say about this special soul bond? Let’s find out. He is one of my guides, if you will. When I was in the middle of the wilderness of Colorado mountains, I chose a number to represent my heart. This was years ago and this number didn’t present a meaning until I arrived home again, a few years after. The number is 721.

Sometimes song lyrics come to us seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes even a name comes to mind seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes a jingle to an old commercial from childhood or even before we were born comes to us seemingly out of nowhere.

What does this mean and why do I bother to tell you?

The same reason why 721 showed up that day in the wilderness. This is why I tell you: These thoughts do come from somewhere. They are whispers of your heart path. Those that actively seek this path come to understand what I am saying. Many people call this a Spiritual Life. I don’t call it that. I don’t call it one of religion either. It is simply your path. It is amazing. A true heart path coincides with compassion, with empathy, with understanding, with knowing, with serving others and with piecing together the seemingly unseen to what some may call coincidences.

Let me tell you a piece of my heart to help you understand. Saint Ambrose is someone that was never taught to me. I never studied Saints. In fact, the way Religion was taught to me as I grew up was despicable. They taught that animals didn’t have souls. Really?? How inhumane can you be? How off base can you be and still be recognized as teaching Truth? This is one example of why Religion is not Truth. Love is Truth. What your heart sees without all of the noise, from what exists and has existed before us is Truth.

When you don’t rely on anyone but yourself and your gifts, then you start to see what is really True. You start to see what is Pure. You start to feel bliss for breathing. You can hear through all of the noise. You can see through all of the false teachings. You can be free. Free from a prison built around you and taught to you and taught to many for centuries before us.

This is a time to claim a rebirth of love, of mercy and of grace. How do you do this? You sit in silence until you hear how. This can be a form or praying or meditation. It is that simple. Use creative outlets to speak what you hear. This helps bring further clarity to your heart path. Choose to confide in the most Sacred of Souls. No one else. This is a vulnerable time for you in this exploration and before you speak of it to the world, you must grow in complete understanding and strength in your own personal Truth. Know who you are so the opinions of others fly right passed you.

Saint Ambrose is the Patron Saint of Beekeepers. My name means “bee.” His Feast Day is December 7th. 721 backwards. Spirit speaks to us in patterns, frequencies and interconnections of all kinds. It is quite a web. Choose love for your web. Choose kindness for your web. Choose service to others for your web. When you do this, the Universe aka God orchestrates such beautiful happenings for you, beyond comprehension. By the end of the day, you won’t be able to explain these happenings to anyone but your heart will know and that is all that matters.

Amen. So it is.

“Renewal of The Sacred”

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We all have our own personal Truth. I am going to keep reminding everyone of this. You have a choice on what you feed your soul. If you do not agree with the Power of the Holy Rosary, either stay to learn or move on to another way up the Mountain.

If you have a Gift of Prophecy, Listen Up. If you carry a Gift of Healing, Listen Up. If you carry any gifts of the Holy Spirit…Stay.

Four (4) times within twelve (12) days, the message of Love within Prophecy is showing itself.

In a time of war, we have two choices. We either choose to love or we choose to hate. The Hand of God is not light. They say it is like a hammer. I find this to be true. Watch your step. God is in charge. We all see what we need to see when we need to see it. Not a minute too soon and not a minute too late. Everything is coming to light. Everything is being fixed. God is not using war to do this either. No. God is using Mercy. God is using Forgiveness. Grace, like the strongest wind is coming into every home, every soul and you will be moved. Falling to your knees, as the blinds can not be closed any longer.

You will see your humility casting down on the floor in a puddle for you to admire the reflection of. Know this: God is nothing to fear. God loves. For all those that teach God is to fear, this is merely a control tactic. I do not need to instill fear in anyone nor do I feel a need to control anyone. The Holy Spirit takes care of that. We, as Teachers, are called to TEACH LOVE not FEAR.

Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know.”

Amen. So it is.

“The Ultimate Gift”

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How do we put into words the “Ultimate Gift?”

How do we express something beyond words?

In my previous blog, I stated that when we agree to Love as our Birth-rite that God speaks to us through everything. All we have to do is hear and act on what we hear. I have been doing this for years now and the miracles are countless. The miracle of Saint Erasmus tops the list though.

Let’s get right to it:

I was guided to a bookstore not too long ago. As I walk in, the owner immediately asked me why I was there. I spit out the top 5 things that came to me. He then proceeded to show me the area of Religion and Saints. I stood silent for a minute and said, “No. This is not it. I need something outside of the box.” He replied, “Well, Nature and Philosophy are across the room.” I stood silent for a minute and said, “No. This is not it either.” Mind you, the sign in the yard of the bookstore said “The Y.” The power is in the Why. He then replied, “Well, have a look around then.” So, again, I stood silent and looked at the shelves of books right in front of me. This was between the left side of Religion and the right side of Philosophy. It was everything that I was studying. Every book title was my life in a nutshell. So I thought.

I stood in astonishment and paused for what seemed like an eternity. Then, with the finest tuning fork of mind, turned around and walked up the steps to the first floor of the bookstore. On these steps layed books, again, in a very particular manner. I quickly glanced at the covers of them all and grabbed the red book. No image. No words on the cover. Just a plain red book. I opened to the first page and the word “WISDOM” was right there in front of me.

Wisdom playing out in my life looks like this:

“According to the Bible, number 17 is a symbol of victory and perfection. It refers to the spiritual perfection in the first place. We should have in mind that 17 is actually the combination of numbers 10 and 7.” The Number 17 is a stronghold in my life for many reasons. One being it is how old my Brother was when he died. Two being that 17 years later the tree that transformed his life from physical to spiritual was cut down. A walnut tree to be exact. “Walnut holds the powers of the breath and inspiration. Symbolic of confidence and mental wisdom.”

The night after Eric died many of us went out to this tree, out in the middle of the country, to try and make sense of what happened. I remember people standing in the street. I was by the tree. Like a bolt out of the blue, a rush of peace came over me and I knew Eric was ok. I joined the people in the street and yelled it from the mountain top. I don’t remember anyone hearing me though. May my voice, through the Hand of God, be heard. May it be heard with Love, Understanding and Inspiration to help the Greater Good.

When Jesus died on the cross for us, he layed it all down. He was the Son of God made flesh, came to help save the world with Mercy and Forgiveness and then suffered the crucifixion. Luke 23:34: Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

I do believe with every fiber of my being that God uses people as vessels to help save this world. I do believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I do believe that he brings us The Way. Over and over again I find myself going to this Truth. It really is everything. It is Simple yet it is the Ultimate Gift to us in this life.

Luke 1:37: “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”

Amen. So it is.

“The Truth is Saint Joseph”

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You Are Worthy! Let’s Dance to Love.

Eric’s Promise, “to be more giving,” is about coming up with your own Promise to the World. I promise to Love with my Spiritual Gifts. Here it begins.

Woe to the woman or man that idolizes anything other than their own heart.

The Foundation for all Breath of Life is, “Who do you Trust?”

How do we heal betrayal? Simply stated, we must choose to forgive with every breath. Follow this up with Divine Wisdom and Divine Action.

Every thought, action, feeling, emotion and so on and so forth stems from what we believe. We must encourage others and ourselves, straight away, that the power is within us. Encouragement stems from believing that the person we are helping has the know-how to work through their own distained terrain.

Today is the opportunity for a better life. Right here. Right now.

Let me tell you a story of how God aka the Universe aka The Cosmos works through us once we decide that Love is our Birth-rite.

The Law of Water. You might say and think many things when you read this but ultimately, the Law of Water dictates our soul’s journey in emotions. When we decide that Love is what governs our life, the Universe aka God starts playing a sweet symphony in your daily life. Everything you touch. Everything you see. Everywhere you go. Everyone you meet. God shows you your deepest wounds through all of these things BUT then God also shows you how to mend them.

I was drinking water one day when I noticed that the water spigot was broke. The maintenance man was called in. I happened to be in the kitchen we he came to fix the flow of water and we just started talking heart matters. He brought up the Emotion Code. We then exchanged phone numbers and arranged a day to trade our Spiritual Gifts.

We met in a park at my direction. I brought my paints, utensils and canvas. He brought the Emotion Code. We started painting at separate picnic tables when all of a sudden a Father and Daughter, about age 7, joined us. They too went off to their own picnic table and started painting. Out in the distance was live music. Like a bolt out of the blue, I noticed that the father and child were a direct mirror of me and my Father. As I noticed this, the live music began to play, “The Heart of the Matter” by Don Henley. Immediately, me and the Emotion Code man locked eyes with Understanding of why we met and traded gifts.

The lyrics proceeded to say, “I am learning to live without you now…I have been trying to get down to the heart of the matter…and I think it is about Forgiveness…even if you don’t love me anymore…We all need a little tenderness…Forgiveness. Forgiveness.”

The Father figure that day painted a band of musicians and a tornado of pink. He explained that his wife’s energy was interfering with his creativity. To me, he painted “his music of life.” The little girl painted a yin/yang sign and a sunset. Two very important paintings by this 7 year old child. The yin/yang is my path on the Tree of Life.

This Path connects Beauty to Foundation. My job is then to be a prop for others, to help people change (sunset) to see their Divine Connection to all of Life, simply by showing up.

The Truth is Saint Joseph. Mercy is my weapon. Forgiveness is my Paintbrush. Glory to God.

Amen. So it is.